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So I have to ask - Are we past the point of no return?.



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The 1920 Wall Street Bombing, JFK Murdered and 9/11; we the people are responsible. Granted, when JFK was murdered by the CIA we were totally clueless? But by the time 9/11 happened we should have been wide-awake. There was no reason for us to have been sleeping/unaware. They had been duping us for years.

In many ways, America is a great nation. America is an amazingly resilient nation. The attempted take down of the United States was officially announced with the assassination of American president, John Kennedy. For 55 years, the subversive communist influences in America have been engaged in a covert operation to turn America into a communist nation. America still has fight left within her. It has proven to be a difficult nation to kill, despite the best efforts of the Globalists/Dems/NWO.

January 10, 1963: A Red Letter Day In America

On January 10, 1963, the House of Representative and later the Senate began reviewing a document entitled “Communist Goals for Taking Over America, written by Cleon Skousen and it contained an agenda of 45 individual goals that shocked American representatives at the time. Today, these goals have become the mainstay of the Democratic Socialist Party with Hillary Clinton as the matriarch. In hindsight this was quite shocking back then and is equally shocking today.

I was reviewing Cleon Skousen’s list of 45 communist goals for America and some more of the notable one’s stood out. Please allow me to remind everyone that 1963 was a very dark year for America. It was the year that an American President, John F. Kennedy was murdered by the criminal elite in an action that eventually wrestled away control of the government and fully entrenched the “shadow government” that still controls the Deep State today.

I have previously referenced Trevor Louden’s stellar work in his documentary, Enemies Within, in which Louden exposed 80 Democratic members of Congress as being members of front groups for either the American Communist Party (eg Arizona Senatorial candidate Kirsten Sinema, Senator Elizabeth Warren) or the Muslim Brotherhood (eg former Senator and the disgraced Al Franken and Keith Ellison). Former representatives, McKinney and West, validated Louden’s claims

Read the entire article here - Trump’s Last Stand Against the Communist Take Over of America

The Killing of Uncle Sam

This is a video about a book called "The Killing of Uncle Sam". The video provides context for these pages.

Are We at a Turning Point
in American?History

Which Way?!

At a time when the Deep State is in need of a game changing development, the top minions (eg McCabe, Clinton and Comey) are all preparing to roll over on each other. The Deep State is in a panic. Their key Democratic Party operatives are perpared to throw each other under the bus. Just like an experienced fighter who is dissecting a wounded opponent, President Trump can take his time and simply follow the trail of former Deep State minions as they cannot roll over on each other fast enough. And Trump has a new ally. According to a recent Monmouth College poll, most Americans are aware of the “shadowy” Deep State.

Monmouth College conducted a poll and they wanted to know what percentage of Americans were aware of “shadowy forced” that attempt to secretly rule the government as well as other related questions? The answers revealed in this neutral poll are very surprising.

What Percentage of Americans Are Awake

This thanks to Dave Holdge - The Common Sense Show

Harley Schlanger joins me to discuss the very latest Trump victories against the deep state Clinton, Podesta, Comey, FBI networks. "I think we're about to see some dominoes fall," Harley says, "This is a gang of criminal mafioso, pedophiles, and I would say Satanists, they have a satanic hatred of human beings. But where every single President, including Ronald Reagan, submitted on some level to this FBI deep state threat, Trump has not. And for that reason alone, he deserves support."

"So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." Matthew 10:26

The Satanic Death Cult is Losing -- Harley Schlanger




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