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So I have to ask - Are we past the point of no return?.



Overtaking Nations

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First Let's Discuss the Plight of the Native Americans

The US Government has screwed them right from the start. A very simple statement, but spot on! The following video documents much of it. I think it illustrates how heartless our Govt is and has been!

The Left's plan was to divide and conquer America and it has been very effective.

This is not fantasy. They just made us think it is. ALERT! Everything is a lie. We were about to go down the toilet and then were miraculously saved - all while we were focused on everything but what is the most transformative event in living history.

Some military people and retired CIA agents saw what was happening and together made a plan to save the world from the left's DeepState. The plan - "MAGA" - via Trump. That is what this video is about. It is very concise and informative.

Now, since the November 8th 2018 election of Donald Trump, the exposing of the communist roots of the Democrat Party has grown exponentially. The absolute hatred for anything and anyone conservative has become accepted behavior by left wing media and virtually every elected Democrat.

And read more here: Communist Indoctrination By Democrats. Also Hillary's America is a very good and honest source of information. And this video also sums it up the same way!

We were Duped! Now we know, so let's move on!

Special note: just because the above has happened does not mean Donald J Trump is on our side. It only means to military people and retired CIA agents did not want Hillary. Although, the above video is spot on. History is what it is. Where we go from here is up to us, believe it or not.

David Icke From Washington:
Trump and 'Progressives' - The One Party State

Theoretically this country has two main parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. But in practicality it's one party, because most of the members of each party are bought off by either George Soros (DEMs) or the Koch brothers (GOP). These people have only one thing in mind: Control.

My Big Picture of what is going on in America

I've been obsessed with a big picture of what is going on in America and worldwide. I just could not fit the pieces together via the mass media/consensus reality of our time. If the question "Why" was asked, nothing made sense.

So Why?

The most crucial knowledge needed by the People is: What is "right?" Sadly, too many Americans don't understand the answer to that fundamental question regarding the nature of our unique American Republic. More than a century of collectivist indoctrination has been so successful that many of our people have only a false concept of our Bible-based founding principles. They have been fed so much collectivist propaganda that their political philosophy is a jumbled mess of "social justice" lies.

If we are to set our Nation’s course right, it is imperative that we organize with the first priority being to educate the people. We cannot organize and direct a united stand to show the governmental servants that WE are Alpha until many more of us understand what that means! We cannot successfully demand that government adhere to the Constitution and our constitutional laws as long as many of us don't understand the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Holy Bible!

Nothing we do will matter unless the American People are truly educated and armed with the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bible—with the LORD as our Banner."

Where do we begin to set the record straight? With Marbury v. Madison (1803), the infamous unconstitutional U.S. Supreme Court decision that the States let stand, triggering the inexorable march from the constitutional Republic the Founders established to Tyranny.

And there is this: there are elite/controlling entities that most don't know about that are manipulating the people for their own end! I cannot honestly guess at what this end would be, although I have given it a great deal of thought. See Scenarios . Of course they all cannot be right. All hold some grain of truth. Although, the first scenario – "Secret Government" along with the elite controlling the politics and the culture – are the highest on my radar.

In America - There are Two Manipulated "Sides", as in Divide and Conquer.

The two sides are (1.) the folks that rule by tyranny (2.) and the folks that feel the people could rule themselves.

So we have the Left/Neo-cons/Establishment and the Patriots/Conservatives.

* Patriots/Conservative Strategy

The general strategy of the Constitution was to free the people from government so they can thrive. See the The Framer's Coup for the conservative try at ruling via the people. Very basically it was the founding of America, the United States. Status: Now this is just a Fantasy!!

* Left/Neo-Con/Dems Strategy

The general strategy implemented was the Communist Manifesto(1848) which outlines a very slow (over centuries) growth towards central control and planning. Status: The Communist Manifesto(1848) has been fully implemented years ago!! Now, changing laws and policy is only fine-tuning Communism!

How the Take-over Unfolded

How the Left/Democrats Took Control via the Communist Manifesto

Our Civil War changed our perception of the federal government and in 1905 Rockefeller created the General Education Board (GEB) taking over our education system. Then in 1913 the banking system was undermined. That was during what most call the Progressive Era of America. And in 1947, the end of WWII our CIA and State Dept went rogue forming the Shadow Govt/NWO. And have been invading nations ever since.

More on 1913: When we consider these three together (We the People, States, and the Federal Government), we can see what happens as envisioned by the founding fathers. We the people would be at the top. We are the citizens of our sovereign states. The state's then would have a direct hand in controlling the federal government! The people would pay their taxes with gold and silver. The states would then pass off this interest and debt free currency to the federal government. This arrangement effectively gave the states power over the Federal Government. That all changed with the Laws and Amendments of 1913. Now we pay the Federal Reserve and have no control of the Federal Govt.

How do THEY advance the Communist Agenda

* Divide the People
* Create the Appearance of Popular Support
* Neutralize The Opposition
* Precipitate Mob Violence
* Create Semblance of Revolution

This video fully explains the above statements. It explains how THEY use/used Civil Rights to promote their agenda.

And this is happening today i.e. #NFL and #Antifa!

So where do the Elites come in?

They'd be the money behind the scenes that are manipulating wars, elections and causing riots. Although it could be anyone of these Scenarios.

Conclusion of this short discussion

It is a war for your mind as a slave to their cause. The causes are a tyranny via Communism or a free people via a Republic. It is your choice!




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