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Home Now Deep State story most Important!

Besides this, the fact that we're starting to understand the problem.

We the people are going to have to solve this problem. It is not going to happen via our federal government. I know this because Pres. Trump is not in control anymore. Probably never was. When the health care bill was not repealed and the missiles were launched on Syria I knew that Pres. Trump was not in control. The Cabal that's running this nation definitely stepped in. So the only conclusion is that we the people are not going to solve this politically, because our federal government is not working for us.

Who is in control? I know I said a Cabal. But who? Hillary maybe?

Oh! but Cabal/Deep State is not new with the advent of the Bushes, Obama and Hillary. Remember THEY Dogged JFK with the Russian allegations and then assassinated him. And it was fully documented in 1967. The Cabal keeps its power by using Blackmail; pedophilia, like Pizzagate.

I think it is a Secret Government. Or it could be the cabal that did the Act of 1871

In case the above statements did not sink-in. I said, "Our Government has been taken over and They have defended their coup with Body-count. And more than likely will continue to do so."

And most want COS, change parties or re-invigorate a party. Ya Right!
I guess that means they don't understand the problem.

And pray for Pres. Trump. He is sticking with his plans, putting himself in jeopardy from the cabal.

And the courts are corrupt, too!

Maybe our state governments will work for us. Our representatives live in our communities. We have access to them. We have the power. We out number the elites a million to one.

Ignoring 16th and 17th amendments would resolve most of our problems. They were illegally passed, thus not real and binding. The states (AZ especially) need to start acting like they are null and void. We (AZ) could then appoint real Senators and remove McCain.

What, we'd appoint a new Senator. The next time McCain showed his face in what he thinks is his AZ office the sheriff would arrest him for trespassing and impersonating a US Senator.

I was told this was not practical as McCain's money runs AZ.

So I have to ask - Are we past the point of no return?

NO! There is a way out!

Now more than ever the We the People are responsible for the character of their Congress. To do this we need to have good information on what is actually happening. The TV and Radio news is only a hint; you need to search out the stories yourself.

Quit Cooperating. Do NOT Comply with Unlawful governments. Let's take back our Rights!

We the People Already Have the Power
to Rein in the Federal Government

Nullify, Nullify, Nullify!
Slash Federal Government Overreach

What Can We Do?

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Home Now Deep State story most Important!



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