On Freedom Road Going Forward – Our work is just beginning

Brush fires are the little fires that make up the big fire.

Most folks pick an area that concerns them. Say the Second Amendment. Your efforts nearly go without recognition. It is just a part of the bigger fire.

I believe that all the brush fire people need to recognize the big fire. And I need to recognize that in order to put out the big fire all the brush fires must be fought.

What I’m trying to say here is: You must understand the premise of a problem so that you know what your real goal is.

But I have to ask this question? Is the corruption of our Government so bad that fixing the brush fires does not do anything.

Explaining the fascism protests

Another brush fire is the protests that are happening against the fascism that was supposedly brought in by now president Trump. Where would they ever get an idea like that? Could be from this communist party of the USA video. In the video, Marc Brodine, explains how the fascism is setting in. His argument sound nice. Communist arguments always sound nice. But his arguments fall apart when you realize that communism and the fascism are the same: dictatorships/rule by force. So, he is virtually arguing a false premise.

This picture is what you were taught in school and by the media now. You were duped! The ends of this chart are both dictatorships. And Democrat, Moderate, and Republican all fall to the right of the dictatorships. You can read more about the basic political spectrum here.

A note especially for you anti Fascism protesters: this all means fascism and communism are the same point on the true political spectrum. That sort of renders the protests you are doing on now, 2017, ridiculous. Either participants of these protests don’t understand what they are protesting or they don’t care because they are getting a paycheck!