I thought I knew her but clearly I didn’t.

Very cute..elf-abet. Oh, I called a cousin from NY that lives in Lancaster, PA yesterday. I thought I knew her but clearly I didn’t. She hates our
current President and has swallowed the Kool-aide hook, line and sinker on this virus situation. Made me so sad to hear. I have never
seen people so violently polarized in my lifetime. It’s like they want to kill Republicans. We truly are into a modern age revolution and older
thinking, conservative people are the enemy! It seems discourse and diversity of thinking is un-allowed even in universities today. There is no
middle ground or shades of gray in thinking, just two extremes. Without the middle nothing can get accomplished or resolved. Crazy!

Merry Christmas,

Why have leftist folks hidden their feelings until now

I have run into this a lot, lately.  People that have been pro Trump in conversations with me all of a sudden have turned on me. But now that he’s a true contender, their true feelings come out as hate. I wish I knew why.

Swamps, Deep States And Core Problems

Like most of you, I have become more and more concerned about the massive criminality of the swamp animals and other spooky creatures in our nation’s capitol. In addition to the Swamp, we also have a serious problem called the “Deep State.” The Swamp and the Deep State overlap but they are different entities.

We don’t really know what the Deep State is… just that it’s a group of people (most people say they are from America’s Intel community… FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) who are so arrogant they believe they know better than the millions of voters who put Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office who should be there – and they don’t think it should be Trump.

The people who make up the Deep State have yet to realize their arrogance is the worst form of tyranny. At the moment they think they are saving us from ourselves… at least that’s what they tell themselves. That’s what all tyrants tell themselves and it’s what they tell those they want in servitude to them. Remember the number one job qualification for spies: Good liar.

Most people thought that when Candidate Trump said “I’ll clean the swamp” it meant that President Trump would have to terminate a few bureaucrats and get voters in a couple of states to retire this Senator or that Representative.

Add to that, placing good conservatives on the Supreme Court and Senator Sessions as Attorney General and El Zappo! Done deal! After a few arrests, the swamp is clean… except wait a minute. What’s this? Jeff Sessions is allowing Rosenstein to hire Mueller — a man with such obvious and numerous conflicts of interest when it comes to anything close to the Clintons — to investigate the Trump Administration’s involvement with Russia! Most of us are shaking our heads over these appointments. What could “they” have on Sessions, we wonder?

Cleaning the swamp requires investigative reporter Clark Kent during the regular business day and Superman.com after hours. In his active and meaningful attempt to make America great again, President Donald J. Trump has opened Pandora’s Box and its unlimited evils… including treason/sedition and other crimes evidently committed by some very important people.

Rumor has it that if everyone in elected office were “outed” for a variety of crimes (from drunk driving to pedophilia to treason), we would lose 80 percent of our Congress. Is that true? I have no idea – but it would not surprise me.

Those who know me well will attest that I think it a waste of time to talk about issues because issues cannot be solved. Why? Issues are symptoms of problems and those symptoms change from day-to-day as the disease (problem) gets better, then worse.

You can ease the symptoms (issues) for a short time but until the disease (problem) is accurately diagnosed, treated and cured, it will stay hidden in dark recesses, just waiting for the right moment to attack again. The problems America has politically do not require medication. They require extensive surgery.

Trying to solve issues is exemplified by how physicians have misused antibiotics… over-prescribing them, e.g. The bacteria morph — changing to avoid being totally destroyed. Thus symptoms (issues) you thought you’d dealt with keep reappearing and they get stronger each time they reappear. They no longer respond to the medication. More and different antibiotics or political solutions will be prescribed and the patient ends up at death’s door – all because establishment politicians want to deal with issues rather than go directly to the core problem and rip it out.

What is our core problem… the core of the core? A lot of people will likely disagree with me on this and that’s by ‘God’s Grace… if liberal progressives have their way, no one will be able to disagree (with them) about anything. They’ll have a violent riot, call it a protest, get you thrown off campus and bury a point of view different from their own, so let’s enjoy our disagreements while we can. It’s called “freedom.”

Read the entire article here -> Swamps, Deep States And Core Problems, Part 1

The Difference between a Republic and Democracy


Today we are going to talk about the difference in-between a Republican and a democracy. It’s a very subtle difference, although it amounts to night and day. To illustrate this point were going to do a little skit, where a Sheriff saves and alleged horse thief from hanging. That’s the law in a Republic.


It tall patriot man in an Uncle Sam suit stole my horse. And that’s him over there to the crowd. Should we hanging? The crowd chants back of course we hang! That’s what we do in the West. Okay, Bill you got a rope. I sure do bill says. Uncle Sam pleads no I didn’t do it. Oh yes you did I saw your right off the with that yesterday. Uncle Sam, no no no that wasn’t me. The crowd, there’s a tree and bills got the rope. Let’s hanging now. We can use the horse he stole to get him up high so he drops good.
The Sheriff arrives on the scene. He says no no no no as not what we do in this country. This is a Republic, not a democracy. This is not mob rule.


Okay summing up, realize that a Republic is about law and order and of protecting the minorities from mob rule. So all you minorities out there, whatever situation you are in, you don’t need special laws to protect you in a Republic! Sorry to say I have to add theoretically. Not all humans are fair and decent people.
Also, it should be noted that the Communist Manifesto proclaims democracy as a step towards their end goal.

Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

Obama’s legacy is measured in ashes. From wars of aggression to a police state on steroids, banking bailouts and Obamacare, Obama has been the perfect captain to carry the New World Order football further down the field. But as Americans prepare for a new liner to be placed in their gilded bird cage, today we remember how the Deep State tricked the public in 2008 by giving them what they thought they wanted.

The Myth of Racist America

Be honest. In your real-life everyday American experience is racism an issue? I am confident the answer is no. And yet, the Left (Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Hollywood and mainstream media) have convinced many that America is a hotbed of racism where black boys are gunned down by cops for simply “walking black.” Words cannot express my contempt for the Left’s ongoing campaign to spread lies to generate racial hate and divide Americans solely for selfish political gains. The Left poisoning young black minds with their lie that white America is their enemy robs blacks of realizing how blessed they are to be born in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet.

Cops shooting blacks are rare. When a cop does shoot a black, the cop is usually black or Hispanic. On the other hand, blacks are routinely killing each other in record numbers in major cities run by democrats.

Is there racism in America? Absolutely! Racism will exist along with every other sin under the sun until Jesus takes us home. But, is racism really an issue in the lives of most Americans? Absolutely not. Despite the Left’s efforts to make everything about race, the truth is Americans of all races work and play together extremely well.

Source: Lloyd Marcus — The Myth of Racist America

Let’s call a Spade a Spade

In this country, the United States of America, we have two main factions: the communist, who like to call themselves progressive, and those people for restoring a Republic. The people wanting to restore the republic are conservatives and independents. Most people think about it as GOP and Dems. The word Dems may work for the left/progressive/communist. But GOP does not encompass anybody I know, because too many of them are in fact progressive. So that’s where the word establishment comes in. It would include progressives no matter what party.

Okay now that we got the sides divvied up, it is okay for an American to wish that Trump would fail in his presidency/trying to restore the Republic. Just like I prayed Obama would fail in taking America farther to the left. I knew he was a Communist right from the start. And he did take America farther to the left. But we still had an election. Now American’s have to honor this election, just like I honored Obama election. Hey, I did not like it, but lived with it.

Now I’m praying Trump can undo Obama’s leftist policies and restore We the People’s Republic!

Election 2016 Aftermath

The pampered snowflakes are in full revolt! Guided by hard-core leftists, these protests are anything but spontaneous. It’s time they learned the difference between a Republic and a democracy. Will they accept responsibility for their actions?

Join us for our next weekly installment of “Analysis Behind the News.” Be sure to share this with all your friends and family and get involved in the JBS today!


What direction is our nation taking when we have to pay people to protest the outcome of an election? What direction is our nation taking when colleges have to offer counseling because a democrat lost an election?

They’re offering coloring books, crayons and puppies all to help them deal with the results of the election. These are college students! Supposedly grownups. This is what happens when you don’t have winners and losers in school functions, sports, contests and other things. Everybody gets a participation trophy. Schools are supposed to be training students to be successful, productive members of society. Participation trophies don’t cut it. In the real world there are winners and losers. In the real world things don’t always go the way you want it. When that happens our kids will have to know how to handle that setback. Kids today freak out, demand that the election be reversed so their candidate wins. It doesn’t help when their candidate declares that if you don’t accept the results it is a threat to our democracy: “To say you won’t respect the result of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy.”[5] then she joins in on the recount effort. By the way, Hillary is wrong, we don’t have a democracy we have a Constitutional Republic. There is a difference.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning what our kids are being taught or not being taught. These supposedly mature people needed counseling earlier in the year when the saw ‘Trump 2016’ written in chalk on the sidewalk on their college campus.[6] These poor little snowflakes even had to have counseling for seeing Halloween costumes that offended them![7] I remember a song that the late Merle Haggard did back in the 1970’s, yes I’m that old and I do like the song, called The Fighting Side of Me and one verse in that song states:

I read about some squirrelly guy
Who claims he just don’t believe in fighting
And I wonder just how long
The rest of us can count on being free
They love our milk and honey
But they preach about some other way of living.

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