Things in the State of the Union address that I found interesting

President Trump said: “But we must reject the policies of revenge, resistance, and redistribution ,and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation compromise and the Common Good.” Folks, the phrase the common good is right out of communism. What was he thinking!?

And then elsewhere in his speech president Trump made a list of the socialist ideas he was for.

And then there is the abortion issue. The Democrats obviously think they have the majority support for murdering babies, else they went be trying to change state laws to change the term of a abortion is okay to be performed at.

You should know that the Roe versus Wade decision is only the final say so if legislation isn’t passed to overturn it. And I think president Trump just signaled the legislatures that is what he wants.

In my universe it is quite obvious that the lawmakers are not interested in defending us at any age or anyplace.

At what point do Democrats become embarrassed with their leadership?  Well, we all should be embarrassed with our leadership.