America Is Undeniably Under Martial Law

You may not call it martial law, but it is, nonetheless, martial law. America is now under martial law. Everything that is part of martial law is in play except the dusk to dawn curfews. One cannot travel without their “papers please”. The feared and vaunted social credit system is coming into play in America, just like in China. We are spied upon on a 24/7/365 basis without exception. There is NO privacy left in America. You are being probed and catalogued for future disposition.

Federal and State law enforcement agencies are arming up with billions of hollow point bullet rounds while systematically trying to disarm the Americans that they are charged with trying to protect.

The establishment of a police state that condemns 1.5 million Americans, annually, to mental institutions for their political beliefs, not for actual mental illness. Many of these Americans are forcibly medicated against their will WITHOUT the required court order. America is in the early stages of what could accurately be referred to as FEMA camp incarcerations. 

In the 1970’s the world chastised the former Soviet Union for practicing “political schizophrenia”, which was the incarceration of political activists solely based on their beliefs under the guise of a mental illness diagnosis. Did you know that there were 80,000 swat team raids in America last year? Citizens are being “executed” as unconstitutional red flag laws are illegally enforced.

Credits to Dave Hodges – the Common Sense Show