The CFR (McCain) Conspirators are Trying to Overthrow Trump

The result of the past election was not a victory for Donald Trump. Actually, it was a calamitous defeat for the forces behind the New Gay World Order, particularly the CFR conspirators and their minions.

To top it off, Trump’s election by the American people has coincided with the Brexit, the growing collapse of the European Union, Russia’s strong opposition to their New Gay World Order, the CFR’s failure to overthrow Assad in Syria to give control of the whole Middle East to extremist Muslims, the refusal of Philippine’s President Duterte to play their game, and the Colombian people’s rejection of a Peace Accord with the murderous, corrupt FARC guerrilla.[6]

No wonder the CFR conspirators are so nervous and concerned about their future. It seems, though, that they still refuse to accept the reality of their defeat and are desperately planning to avoid at all costs that Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States — even if to avoid it they have to push America into a nuclear Armageddon. The CIA, Obama, and their lapdog John McCain, a traitor and one of the most despicable characters of American politics, are working hard to push America into it.

Currently, the same people who told us that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are now desperately trying to delegitimize Trump by claiming that the Russian government influenced the results of the election. Moreover, impostor Barry Soetoro has declared that he plans to stay in Washington D.C. with Michael in order to create a “shadow government” to fight President Trump.[7] Now, given the fact that Soetoro is a mentally-retarded moron, one has to conclude that his “shadow government” will be fully under the control of the Invisible Government controlled by the Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations ensconced at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan.

Nevertheless, we should not be surprised by the globalist conspirators’ knee-jerk reaction. They have plenty of reasons to be scared to death.

Source: Servando Gonzalez — Are the CFR Conspirators Trying to Overthrow Trump
After all McCain, Bush, Cheney, Hillary, and Obama may end up behind bars if Trump is POTUS.

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