I thought I knew her but clearly I didn’t.

Very cute..elf-abet. Oh, I called a cousin from NY that lives in Lancaster, PA yesterday. I thought I knew her but clearly I didn’t. She hates our
current President and has swallowed the Kool-aide hook, line and sinker on this virus situation. Made me so sad to hear. I have never
seen people so violently polarized in my lifetime. It’s like they want to kill Republicans. We truly are into a modern age revolution and older
thinking, conservative people are the enemy! It seems discourse and diversity of thinking is un-allowed even in universities today. There is no
middle ground or shades of gray in thinking, just two extremes. Without the middle nothing can get accomplished or resolved. Crazy!

Merry Christmas,

Why have leftist folks hidden their feelings until now

I have run into this a lot, lately.  People that have been pro Trump in conversations with me all of a sudden have turned on me. But now that he’s a true contender, their true feelings come out as hate. I wish I knew why.

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