The free market alternative to Obamacare

The idea of having access to reasonably priced insurance was something that everyone was interested in talking about. In fact, it made government funding, either to individual consumers or the healthcare system as a whole, seem appealing. Over the years, however, Americans have come to realize that many of the deficiencies in the healthcare system stemmed precisely from government intervention.

The process for qualifying, acquiring, and maintaining a healthcare plan through the Affordable Care Act system can be extremely confusing. Having insurance claims handled by third parties makes people feel as if they are navigating a billing maze. Many individuals who were happy with their previous insurance plans are now dissatisfied; they are paying higher premiums, and these premiums are expected to increase in 2017. One side of the political spectrum is fighting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, while the other side is trying to improve it. Meanwhile, Americans are getting tired of not having their medical needs met in a timely, comprehensive, and affordable manner.

But what if there was another option that did not require government intervention at all? There is one: Direct Primary Care (DPC). Direct Primary Care allows people to have a healthcare plan that suits their needs without worrying about third parties’ intervention. One of the biggest medical facilities that promote this type of care is the Oklahoma Surgery Center, run by Dr. Keith Smith. The motivation behind Dr. Smith’s approach, along with many other physicians who are following the DPC route, is to provide an alternative to the exorbitant costs that have resulted from the insurance-based medical system. Dr. Smith has made a difference in the lives of many people since 2009 through his fee-for-service medical facility, which offers people freedom from insurance and an opportunity to access quality care and the latest medical technology for a fraction of the cost.

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