Putting an End to the Left/Neo-Cons

Throughout my website, I advocate to quit cooperating. Now that the Left/Neo-Cons have clearly revealed that they own the media, let’s quit cooperating. Pull the plug on cable television and quit watching over the air television. What this’ll do is clean up the Cultural Marxism drive. We don’t need it!
If the networks can’t make money because we quit watching, the advertisers lose out. Once everybody figures out that we will only watch civilized entertainment all will go better.
So let’s get with it folks. Quit shooting yourself in the foot by endorsing the Left/Neo-Con’s game. Quit cooperating! Also, use cash! They are tracking every move you make with your credit card and cell phone. And as long as we are using cash they cannot zero your money supply.

And another thought

George Soros’s protesters -> Don’t let yourself be pulled in, paid protesters are not real riots. You can just ignore them. The last thing we want is a Civil war started by Paid protesters again!

Remember Who “THEY” Are!

They, at the highest level, are the people running the world. They, at the lower levels, are the people facilitating the world. The latter have no idea They are facilitating someone else’s agenda. THEY are you. “We the People” are bringing about our own demise!
THEY (at the highest level) taught us that we evolved and we die.
No! No! No! Our souls/spirits are eternal. We are here having a human experience. This deception and Their Banking system enables them to control us. But we are waking up!