Comes down the Words in our Declaration of Independence: “unalienable Rights”

John wrote:

Agree with what you have said … but it all comes down to those words in our Declaration of Independence “unalienable Rights”. Our federal and state government has converted those words into “inalienable Rights” whereby the citizens have given government powers that were NOT intended to be governments rights at all. Even the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC has those words interchanged … to subvert our “unalienable Rights”.

WE NEED a judicial system that uses the words constructively … not objectively to a self-interest enslavement of the citizens. Sedition is alive and well in the RINO camp and on the left today. McCain was censored TWICE in the last 3 years by the GOP and we still haven’t got the gonads to do anything other than talk about it …. we a pathetic party of whiners not actions. Take our country and state back from these usurpers of evil deceit.

Itasca wrote:

Thank you for addressing “unalienable” v. “inalienable!”

I learned in 1992, from Officer Jack McLamb, that the key to understanding the whole concept is the correct way to pronounce them: un’ a leen’ a bl or, in’ a leen’ a bl

The “lien” root is the word used to describe attaching something, like a lien against your ownership of your car or house. Our “unalienable Rights” has been used to claim that these cannot be attached by anything the government or anyone else does, while the term “inalienable Rights” has been used to pretend that government can restrict and tie strings to our properly unalienable Rights!

Thomas Jefferson used “inalienable Rights” in his Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence, but the final version used “unalienable Rights.” I don’t recall offhand what his explanation was for initially using the former, and later the latter being adopted. There is a big discussion of this on the Internet.

I believe it is all just a representative smoke screen of evil deceit pretending that “they” can take what is not theirs and use it, redistribute it, and whatever else they delight to do with our property and substance, including ordering a florist to arrange flowers for a homosexual “wedding.” (Latest outrage last week!)

We need not only a judicial system that uses the words correctly, we need We the People to wake-up and take the reins that are properly always held in our Sovereign Hands, and jerk the bit in the mouth of the governmental runaway horse!

We need to put the governmental officials back in their stud pen (a stud pen is very small and very sturdily built), and demand a return to the original intent of our U.S. Constitution. Which means voiding all laws, rules, regulations, decisions, treaties, agreements, etc, that are nullified by their unconstitutionality! Including draining the State Swamps, starting with our own cesspool right here in our Once Great State of Arizona!

And, to PROTECT our Children and our Future, we would do well to TRULY PURGE OUR STATE of all the putrid vestiges of the Common Core Agenda! Contrary to Supt. Douglas’ disingenuous claims, SHE HAS NOT stopped and replaced Common Core in Arizona— Read the current proposed legislation and the statutes! And, look for “early childhood” education and/or development, and “school readiness,” if you think we’ve actually protected our Children from Birth to Kindergarten from the evil ravages of Common Core’s Infants & Toddlers Phase! I’m finding these terms already entrenched in our statutes as I study the new proposed legislation—

If you think the latter is far astream from the question of what to do about John McCain, please know that from my observations, it can only be his Establishment Machine that is imposing our own brand of Tyranny in our own State! And, the Common Core Agenda is just one of the means by which “they” intend to perpetuate their overall tyrannical consolidation of power in the governor’s office, along with control of the Congressional Delegation.

I dare call it Evil, too, John5319!

Itasca Small

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