Dear Brother – things have changed

Dear Brother

Things have changed since you last looked around some 40 years ago. Back when you were starting a business and marriage. Back then it was Republican versus Democrat. Now it’s change to us versus them; the Deep State. Well actually the change began in 1947 with the signing of the World War II closing documents. It was not noticed by the general public at first. The documents started what is now called the Deep State/Shadow Government. It is a combination of our State Department and CIA.

Deep state has been running our government ever sense. Even Pres. Eisenhower realized we were in trouble because they touched him too. And JFK did not conform to their wishes. They murdered him. A team of 17 people murdered him. And arrest Nixon until he quit. And the Deep State shot Reagan.

But with the onslaught of Donald Trump, who is putting a stick in the Deep State’s bicycle spokes, we the people have an opportunity of a lifetime to save our country.

Your dumb Brother

PS They all need to go to jail: Bushes, Hillary, Obama and more.

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