Let’s call a Spade a Spade

In this country, the United States of America, we have two main factions: the communist, who like to call themselves progressive, and those people for restoring a Republic. The people wanting to restore the republic are conservatives and independents. Most people think about it as GOP and Dems. The word Dems may work for the left/progressive/communist. But GOP does not encompass anybody I know, because too many of them are in fact progressive. So that’s where the word establishment comes in. It would include progressives no matter what party.

Okay now that we got the sides divvied up, it is okay for an American to wish that Trump would fail in his presidency/trying to restore the Republic. Just like I prayed Obama would fail in taking America farther to the left. I knew he was a Communist right from the start. And he did take America farther to the left. But we still had an election. Now American’s have to honor this election, just like I honored Obama election. Hey, I did not like it, but lived with it.

Now I’m praying Trump can undo Obama’s leftist policies and restore We the People’s Republic!