The Difference between a Republic and Democracy


Today we are going to talk about the difference in-between a Republican and a democracy. It’s a very subtle difference, although it amounts to night and day. To illustrate this point were going to do a little skit, where a Sheriff saves and alleged horse thief from hanging. That’s the law in a Republic.


It tall patriot man in an Uncle Sam suit stole my horse. And that’s him over there to the crowd. Should we hanging? The crowd chants back of course we hang! That’s what we do in the West. Okay, Bill you got a rope. I sure do bill says. Uncle Sam pleads no I didn’t do it. Oh yes you did I saw your right off the with that yesterday. Uncle Sam, no no no that wasn’t me. The crowd, there’s a tree and bills got the rope. Let’s hanging now. We can use the horse he stole to get him up high so he drops good.
The Sheriff arrives on the scene. He says no no no no as not what we do in this country. This is a Republic, not a democracy. This is not mob rule.


Okay summing up, realize that a Republic is about law and order and of protecting the minorities from mob rule. So all you minorities out there, whatever situation you are in, you don’t need special laws to protect you in a Republic! Sorry to say I have to add theoretically. Not all humans are fair and decent people.
Also, it should be noted that the Communist Manifesto proclaims democracy as a step towards their end goal.