US is a Global Empire Now and All That That Entails

We have The Mullahs/the Pastors/the religious fundamentalists of all Religions who suggest we submit to the will of Allah/God according to the specific texts of their religions; The Leftist Progressives who suggest we submit to the will of the State and the Central Bankers who stand ready to electronically create money/debt out of nothing to finance our self imposed slavery – either way!

There are designs by the US and it’s allies to ‘intervene’ militarily in upwards of 30 nations on Africa alone. The folks who ran the ops w/I Egypt and the region, have since shifted to SE Asia. If you’re paying attention at all, you’ll know, suddenly, trouble in Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia. This is all by design. That Caliphate I could see on the horizon back in 1991, it’s taking some semblance of shape, but people of faith does not drive it, rather it is all by the design of global empire. A clash of civilizations is being set up as we speak. I can see it, clearly and all, looking back now at all the subterfuge and lies.

1961, Eisenhower warns us of The Military Industrial Complex, 1963 JFK assassinated, Viet Nam, Cold War, Gulf Wars, and Economic Crashes – on the verge of Marshal Law in America. At what point do we as a people confront the truth behind the illusion. US is Global Empire now and all that that entails.

A Murdered President, murder on a mass scale, permanent warfare, theft unprecedented in recorded history, breach of trust in virtually all arenas within society – corrupted electoral process – polarized populations – gross disparity in wealth well beyond simply ‘wants’. The monopolization of all services, goods, including all basic needs has already enslaved in many respects, every region on earth by now.

There’s a consideration of geo political events from a perspective of being lived forward up to this present point and then a reconsideration of the same events looking back through the wreckage of history, with a clear understanding of where Paulie finds ourselves now within the realm of geo politics.

All theories aside, 9/11 Official Government Report v. where we are as a nation and a world today, twelve years later. That’s enough on it’s own for anybody to want to reconsider events, isn’t it? The US Federal Government has doubled in size, a department of homeland security has decimated individual liberties within and without the boundaries of the country. International law has been trampled in the name of a war on terror. The world’s no. 1 Policeman is also world’s no. 1 Arms dealer and no. 1 Drug dealer – how’s that for job security…

The Military Industrial Complex has surpassed even Ike’s worst nightmare!

At this point only a universal non-violent disengagement campaign, lifestyle simplifications, local resiliency initiatives, boycotts could mitigate the worst of what’s on the horizon. Anyway, some thoughts, a bit of insight into Paulie’s thinking these days after having paid attention for a lifetime.


Paulie (@elevensages)

Source: Thoughts On Lifetime Of Paying Attention To Geo-Political Events

I picked out the best paragraphs, but you have to read the whole thing to get the full meaning.