The So Called “Racial Divide” Examined

As We the People continue to advance forward in our objective to help heal this, what Abraham Lincoln described as “a house divided against itself” Union republic, USA, the following must be considered and understood:

This “house divided” is not the so called “racial divide” between white and black US citizens, which in my understanding is a distracting misnomer

1. The “house” is between those whom are its architectural owners, and not their chattel slaves, whom have no property ownership, but rather are considered as such, had no say in the masters’ argument on government rule, even though they may have private sentiments in the matter.
a. The property owners happen to be white-Caucasians of the British Isles and European Europe, of willing immigration descent.

b. These particular white people have hated and warred against each other over the matter of black lives since 1776. Hence, the divide is between white people and white people, not white and black peoples! The racial issue is a symptom of white peoples’ divide.

c. Blacks not in sight, white British Isle-Europeans have always been at empire-building wars with themselves, which is why they exploited the peoples and ravaged the natural resources of other continents. Hence, the Triangular Transatlantic Slave Trade!

d. The immigrants brought their arguing attitudes with them, effecting African descent blacks, whose bitter sentiments towards each other ignited and exploded into the Civil War of 1861-1865 over the matter of lives in chattel slavery.

e. The white founding fathers argued so intensely over the matter, that the new nation “conceived in liberty” and “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”, was almost aborted, settling on a compromise for which 740,000 young, innocent white boys and men, plus 38,000 blacks of such, paid with unwarranted suffering and death.
2. As did and does arguing, white Europeans, black Africans also have always argued, competed and waged war against themselves as well, without even the slightest knowledge of white peoples’ existence.
a. African slave trade blacks had never seen white people until their black and Muslim masters brought them shackled in chains to the various west coast ports of Africa to be sold to them.

b. The enslaved Africans were/are a multi-ethnic and tribal, national-mixed population forced into unity by the chains of slavery.

c. African slaves entered America a naturally divided and competing peoples.

d. Yet, while having understandable fear of the crazy, white slave merchants and sailors, who received “legal” jurisdiction over their lives by purchase from their former black and Muslim masters, nonetheless, the slaves were raging mad at each other for selling another to the white Europeans, Americans, Jews and Christians.

e. Herein lays the answer to the mystery as to why black US citizens can’t unify in just, common causes, because our restless ancestors are still raging at war with each other inside of us today, even as such is true within those of white European descent.
3. Both sets of US citizens are troubled today by their respective ancestral conflicts and grudges inside of them.
4. The two separate “ports of entry” into this nation for Africans and Europeans are vastly different, figuratively;
A. One, being the Mayflower, i.e., willing legal and illegal immigrants;
B. The other, slaves ships (White Lion and Treasure). African slaves were purchased in Africa from black and Muslim merchants and brought against their will to the Americas to serve immigrants.