Today is Father’s Day but it’s hardly a time to celebrate.

Today our “Founding Fathers” and “Our Father Who Art in Heaven” are weeping.

“America They’re Coming to Take Down Your President” – Canada Free Press – Judi McLeod

Today, we’re living in a time that dangerously denigrates and destroys everything our Founding Fathers had pledged their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor in our behalf.

In 2008, U.S. Presidential Democrat candidate Barack Obama’s campaign promise was to “fundamentally transform America.”

Not one Republican stood up and demanded that he be investigated and charged with Treason.

Instead, he was elected to two terms and the feckless Republican establishment did absolutely nothing while we watched our once-great nation being undermined and destroyed.

After eight years of Obama’s corruption that was centered around his own Department of Justice, not once was a “special investigator” appointed.

Never mind the disgraceful Benghazi debacle that cost the lives of four Americans, Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail scam that violated and breached National Security, the private meeting at an airport with US. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, etc., none of all this initiated one special investigator.

In 2016, Donald Trump promised to “Make America Great Again” and was duly elected President to fulfill his campaign promise.

President Trump had hardly removed his hand from the Bible at his swearing-in Inauguration when democrats took to the streets in violent outrage and his own Attorney General’s office appointed a special investigator — a former FBI director — to investigate nothing more than hearsay about an illusionary Russian conspiracy theory, while North Korea and Iran threaten to physically destroy America.

Like the U.S. Marine’s slogan of yore — “We’re Looking For a Few good Men” — today we’re looking for a few good Republican leaders to truly support President Trump and “Make America Great Again.”