Time To Get Off The so-called Federal CHOICE TRAIN

Common Core “Standards” is Charter School Applications

Thanks to Vicki Alger for finding the 2017/2018 Arizona Charter School Application on the “AZ State Board for Charter Schools” Website!

A document search found the Common Core re-brand: “Arizona(‘s) College and Career Ready Standards” (ACCRS), invoked by name at least ten times—on pages 8, 25, 28 & 29. Examples from pages 8 & 28 [Emphases added]:

Terms to Know
Required Standard: The specific Standard from Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards – English Language Arts or Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards – Mathematics, or specific Performance Objective from the Arizona Science Standard identified in the application to be used in the curriculum sample for a given grade level and content area. (First found in Section A.6.)

Educational Plan
A.6 Curriculum Samples
Applicants must submit curriculum samples to demonstrate capacity to provide quality instruction in English Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Mathematics, and Science aligned to their Program of Instruction and the Required Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

az-school-choiceThe numerous other instances of “Standard(s)” and “standard(s)” throughout the Application requirements clearly refer to the same ACCRS, re-branded Common Core Standards.

So, School Choice between district schools and charter schools is just a choice between different flavors of the same Common Core Cool-Aid — unless a particular school is not meeting its contractual obligations.