Common Core – what it is used for!

Common Core – the American application of the more notorious communist (collectivist!) practice of diagnosing dissenters who speak-out for Liberty as mentally ill. Their treatment being confinement to mental hospitals for active immersion in efforts to brainwash/deconstruct/reconstruct/indoctrinate them “back to health and sanity!” In the USSR, it was called, “The Gulag.”

In a nationwide expansion of this diabolical practice in America, the technocrats and classic collectivists have designated all children—especially those raised by Liberty-Loving Parents (AKA: most-often, Christians)—as mentally ill from conception to adulthood, thus requiring active intervention by government and its Fellow-Travelers to purge the principles of Liberty and shackle them with the bands and chains of evil that we call collectivism!

The goal being for public schools and all “educational” facilities to become outpatient annexes for “treating” and “curing” all American Children of the disease called, “American Liberty!”