The Bush Clinton Coup

Prescott Bush was the grandfather of George W. Bush and Jeb Bush and the father of George Herbert Walker Bush. Back in the late 1930s the Prescott Bush actually tried to overthrow Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Well, that plan was exposed. Roosevelt wound up doing nothing because he knew that if he did something that it would cause a huge uproar in the United States. Also, Prescott Bush was involved in making money by backing both sides of the world wars, both 1 & 2.

In 1962 George Herbert Walker Bush put together the Bay of Pigs. This was Pres. Kennedy’s first great political crisis. George H W Bush did the Bay of Pigs along with Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. They were working with the CIA. And of course the reason why they wanted to overthrow Cuba and Castro was to benefit big corporations like Coca-Cola.

George H W Bush says he doesn’t know where he was at on the day the JFK was killed in Dallas. Although, we know he was casually relaxing with hands in his pockets at the entrance of the school book depository. There is a picture of him.

the Bush plan; Nixon would become president, then Ford, then George HW Bush would become president in the mid-1970s. Amidst this Bush became the leader of the CIA. Well the plan went awry because Jimmy Carter won in 1976 and George HW Bush ran for president against Ronald Reagan in 1980. He lost the primary. It was a very bitter primary, but somehow he wound up as Ronald Reagan’s vice president.

March 30 of 1983, months after Ronald Reagan became the president, an incident took place outside the Washington Hilton hotel. One shot was fired at Pres. Reagan by a man named John Hinckley Junior. It turns out that the Hinckley family had direct ties to the Bush family, they were neighbors back in Texas. Whoa!

In 1988 George HW Bush became President. He Immediately announces a New World Order. Thanks to Sen. McCain, we know exactly what that is; a Communist plot to take over the world. George HW Bush said “We Have before Us the Opportunity to Forage for Ourselves and for Future Generations a New World Order.” When We Are Successful and We Will Be. We Have a Real Chance of This New World Order and Order in Which a Credible United Nations Can Use Its Peacekeeping Role to Fulfill the Promise and Vision of the UN’s Founders.

Then 9/11 Happened, while George W. Bush was President. Within 45 Days THEY had the Patriot Act Written, Signed and Put into Law.

Then, of Course, We were supposed to have the Clintons take over after Bush and Obama. It didn’t Work out that Way. President Trump won over Hillary! So What do they do? They try to take down the President of The United States by whatever means THEY can.

I see a pattern in the Bush family. They are all about power and money.

Supporting information:

Everyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear knows that Hillary Clinton should already be in prison. Hillary was able to keep “stealing and dealing” for as long as she did because of the three corrupt people, namely. former President Obama, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and fired FBI director, James Comey and whole host of subordinates. However, none of these three are a in a position where they protect the beneficiary of the most corrupt criminal enterprise on the planet, The Clinton Foundation. Then why isn’t Hillary Clinton locked up as current President Donald Trump has stated on multiple occasions? The answer to the question is that there is a fourth person who is just as corrupt and willing to commit malfeasance of office in order to keep Hillary Clinton a free woman and that person would be the obstructionist Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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