The Charlottesville Psy-op

Slaves Fighting Slaves For The Slave Owners

Here is what POTUS said about Charlottesville

It was PsyOp sponsored by the Shadow Govt to divide and conquer the USA. The FBI had agents in both sides of the conflict. And the car part of it had State Department ties.

And it is Democrats rewriting History. Dems are removing statues they erected.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, it is clearer than ever that there is no shortage of pawns for the agents who wish to establish a New World Order. The armies of ignorance are gathering and the dialectic is being played out by the elite. The tactic of top-down divide and conquer is the oldest play in the book of how to overthrow sovereign people. The globalists believe that it can be done through erasing hate from the past, but we should call it for what it is and that is the abolishment of inconvenient history. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks about NOVUS: NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.


Collectivist mind control: “save the planet” « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

“The planet wouldn’t need saving if willing prosecutors had gone after high-level criminals (corporate, banking, war-mongering) with hammer and tongs. Now, the very people who escaped such prosecution have emerged as the leaders of the “save the planet” movement. That’s called a clue.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The word “collectivism” sounds old-fashioned today. It’s supposed to.

It’s supposed to sound like a label from a bygone age when people were combing US government offices for hidden Soviet spies.

Collectivism is tied to other obsolete slogans like “Better dead than Red” and “America, love it or leave it.” In other words, we’re supposed to think collectivism was simply a trendy idea that ran out of steam.

You know, a bunch of crazy paranoids were warning everybody the sky was falling, but it wasn’t. They yelled COLLECTIVISM IS COMING, WATCH OUT, but nothing happened.

Well, the truth is, collectivism won its war.

So it changed its name. It became a thousand names behind a thousand masks.

Read the whole article here: Collectivist mind control: “save the planet” « Jon Rappoport’s Blog


The deep state coup plotters, including the Democrat party, organized left, GOP establishment, the mainstream media, and the Silicon Valley government protected tech monopolies and Wall Street itself, are going for broke, and are going to remove our duly elected president in a grotesquely illegal and farcically evidence free coup, unless the American people rise up and tell them no—and do so now.

This has nothing to do with Russia and has nothing to do with Mr. Trump other than that he is giving voice to and seeking to provide leadership to a broad movement of sentiment and belief on the part of the American people who want to restore our constitutional republic and our inalienable rights and freedoms.

The globalist financial elites who control and own the deep state stooges, agents, and operatives, are in a mad panic because they clearly believe that if they do not remove Mr. Trump from office, and do so now, and if they do not completely obliterate and destroy the American liberty movement, and do so now, the entire deep state and their globalist financial elite owners and puppet masters will be brought to justice for their vast and unspeakably evil crimes against the American people and the peoples of the world; and their entire grid of deception and control will be dismantled and replaced by human-centered, humane systems that support rather than violate the inalienable rights of each individual, family, and local community.

It is time for the good moral and honorable men and women in the system—of whom there are countless numbers, though they have long had no control over the ultimate decision making of what is now an entirely malignant and implacably hostile corporate and banking owned government–and for the American people themselves, to put a stop to all of this, and to do so peacefully and lawfully.

It is time.

The Bundy Women Are Taking a Stand for Truth, Justice, and the American Way

This link is a good summation of how the Bundy trials went down. Although I don’t believe the judge was trying to conduct a fair trial. I think she’s trying to save her skin. Federal Land Grab Failure: Victory For The Constitution

Great News Thank God: US v Cliven Bundy Dismissed with Prejudice. Now I pray other cases like this get dismissed and it never happens again. Government was clearly operating to benefit of something other than We the People.

JBS summary of the Tyranny.

As First Reported On The CSS, Bundy Men Ordered Released-Much More Coming

Bundy Ranch Prosecutor’s Exposed For Withholding Info & It’s All about Protecting BLM Thug Daniel P. Love

Do you have any idea what just happened?

The case for pardoning Bundy Ranch defendants
Here is a link to the latest on the Bundy Trial

Here is an article that summaries Bundy Ranch and Oregon Standoff – Politics, Russia, and the Bundy Ranch by Terri Linnell

To Whom It May Concern:

Many were interested in the Bundy Ranch Standoff when it was happening. Here is an update on the trial since it is not in the news. I was hoping that the Bundy’s would get a fair trial in Nevada like they did in Oregon but Chief Judge Navarro is not allowing a fair trial to happen. The Bundy’s and those with them have already been found Not guilty on all charges in their trial in Oregon where the Bundy’s went to support fellow ranchers suffering from the BLM. Now the Bundy’s are on trial for what they did to stand against the BLM when the BLM came to steal their cows and land in Nevada.

It is apparent the Bundy’s have committed no crime and the court knows this and therefore Chief Judge Navarro has denied the defense witnesses for the Bundys to take the stand. The judge has allowed the prosecution to continue for over 6 weeks and is now denying the defense to bring up their witnesses. That is the only way the prosecution thinks they can win. The judge knows that if the jury is allowed to hear the defense in full, they will see the truth and declare the Bundy’s and those with them Not guilty on all charges. That is the reason the judge is denying them that chance. Judge Navarro does not want the Bundy’s to be declared Not guilty on all charges by the jury in Nevada like they were in Oregon.

learn more via YouTube – Bundy Ranch ~ The Bundy Women 4/3/17

Chief Judge Gloria Navarro complaint line: 702-388-5020

Admin Aaron Blazevich: 1-702-464-5421 – email –

US Judiciary Committee members. 202 225 3951 (comment line option or speak to staff)

President Donald J.Trump – Verified twitter account @realDonaldTrump

This is the BUNDY ~ The True Story on YouTube – Published on Apr 3, 2017

US is a Global Empire Now and All That That Entails

We have The Mullahs/the Pastors/the religious fundamentalists of all Religions who suggest we submit to the will of Allah/God according to the specific texts of their religions; The Leftist Progressives who suggest we submit to the will of the State and the Central Bankers who stand ready to electronically create money/debt out of nothing to finance our self imposed slavery – either way!

There are designs by the US and it’s allies to ‘intervene’ militarily in upwards of 30 nations on Africa alone. The folks who ran the ops w/I Egypt and the region, have since shifted to SE Asia. If you’re paying attention at all, you’ll know, suddenly, trouble in Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia. This is all by design. That Caliphate I could see on the horizon back in 1991, it’s taking some semblance of shape, but people of faith does not drive it, rather it is all by the design of global empire. A clash of civilizations is being set up as we speak. I can see it, clearly and all, looking back now at all the subterfuge and lies.

1961, Eisenhower warns us of The Military Industrial Complex, 1963 JFK assassinated, Viet Nam, Cold War, Gulf Wars, and Economic Crashes – on the verge of Marshal Law in America. At what point do we as a people confront the truth behind the illusion. US is Global Empire now and all that that entails.

A Murdered President, murder on a mass scale, permanent warfare, theft unprecedented in recorded history, breach of trust in virtually all arenas within society – corrupted electoral process – polarized populations – gross disparity in wealth well beyond simply ‘wants’. The monopolization of all services, goods, including all basic needs has already enslaved in many respects, every region on earth by now.

There’s a consideration of geo political events from a perspective of being lived forward up to this present point and then a reconsideration of the same events looking back through the wreckage of history, with a clear understanding of where Paulie finds ourselves now within the realm of geo politics.

All theories aside, 9/11 Official Government Report v. where we are as a nation and a world today, twelve years later. That’s enough on it’s own for anybody to want to reconsider events, isn’t it? The US Federal Government has doubled in size, a department of homeland security has decimated individual liberties within and without the boundaries of the country. International law has been trampled in the name of a war on terror. The world’s no. 1 Policeman is also world’s no. 1 Arms dealer and no. 1 Drug dealer – how’s that for job security…

The Military Industrial Complex has surpassed even Ike’s worst nightmare!

At this point only a universal non-violent disengagement campaign, lifestyle simplifications, local resiliency initiatives, boycotts could mitigate the worst of what’s on the horizon. Anyway, some thoughts, a bit of insight into Paulie’s thinking these days after having paid attention for a lifetime.


Paulie (@elevensages)

Source: Thoughts On Lifetime Of Paying Attention To Geo-Political Events

I picked out the best paragraphs, but you have to read the whole thing to get the full meaning.

Dear Brother – things have changed

Dear Brother

Things have changed since you last looked around some 40 years ago. Back when you were starting a business and marriage. Back then it was Republican versus Democrat. Now it’s change to us versus them; the Deep State. Well actually the change began in 1947 with the signing of the World War II closing documents. It was not noticed by the general public at first. The documents started what is now called the Deep State/Shadow Government. It is a combination of our State Department and CIA.

Deep state has been running our government ever sense. Even Pres. Eisenhower realized we were in trouble because they touched him too. And JFK did not conform to their wishes. They murdered him. A team of 17 people murdered him. And arrest Nixon until he quit. And the Deep State shot Reagan.

But with the onslaught of Donald Trump, who is putting a stick in the Deep State’s bicycle spokes, we the people have an opportunity of a lifetime to save our country.

Your dumb Brother

PS They all need to go to jail: Bushes, Hillary, Obama and more.

and if you don't believe my article, checkout these by Jon Rappoport:
* The CIA-media marriage and the Trump effect 
* Trump is challenging the whole CIA-media nexus
* Trump, Watergate, Nixon, Rockefeller: the real lesson.

Washington Post: fake-news partner with the CIA

Here are key statements from Norman Solomon’s AlterNet article about the Washington Post, its owner, Jeff Bezos, and the CIA (12/18/13):

“The Post’s new owner, Jeff Bezos, is the founder and CEO of Amazon — which recently landed a $600 million contract with the CIA. But the Post’s articles about the CIA are not disclosing that the newspaper’s sole owner is the main owner of CIA business partner Amazon.”

“Even for a multi-billionaire like Bezos, a $600 million contract is a big deal. That’s more than twice as much as Bezos paid to buy the Post four months ago.”

“And there’s likely to be plenty more where that CIA largesse came from. Amazon’s offer wasn’t the low bid, but it won the CIA contract anyway by offering advanced high-tech ‘cloud’ infrastructure.”

“Bezos personally and publicly touts Amazon Web Services, and it’s evident that Amazon will be seeking more CIA contracts. Last month, Amazon issued a statement saying, ‘We look forward to a successful relationship with the CIA’.”

Source: Washington Post: fake-news partner with the CIA « Jon Rappoport’s Blog