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Overtaking Nations






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About Now Deep State story most Important!

I am a very concerned Citizen! Well, maybe you better call me a desperate Citizen!

We should be trying to arrive at one coherent thought.

Is there Common Ground to Discuss the Problems?

Yes, It's the United States Constitution.

Yes, the basic Constitution. You know that little booklet that conservative folks hand out. It is simple enough for all to understand. And wide enough in scope so all can see their ideas in it. It will keep the conversation from becoming a shouting match, because you will stay on track, trying to explain you thoughts about an idea rather than calling the other person's candidate a bimbo.

And Note: We are the United States, meaning the States are ruling and the Federal government is subject to them. So why is the Federal government suing many states? Read on!

And while we are on the topic of the US Constitution; it is not out dated, just not followed anymore. It was largely ignored in the 1900s. Before that nearly all the laws brought before the US Supreme Court were declared unconstitutional. In the 1800s, very few were declared unconstitutional. It was one or two. Again, look it up for yourself.

About Now Deep State story most Important!



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