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The word Democracy gives you a warm fuzzy feeling that everything is all right.
You couldn't be more wrong! It is the steppingstone to communism!



Overtaking Nations

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Constitutional Education - The High Points - Show Print View!

This page explains how our Republic is suppose to work.

We are a Democracy right now, not a Republic like the Constitution documents. A minority of Americans have used the democratic process to force the nation into socialism against the will of the vast majority.

Under the U.S. Constitution "We the People" had a Republic. That means "Rule of Law" government. "Rule of Law" means minorities are protected without any special/Unconstitutional Laws. The U.S. Constitution was designed to protect our Natural Rights.

But we are in a Democracy (Democracy is a dictatorship) NOW. Minorities have special rights that the Democracy can take away when ever it wants. The video pin points this.

The POTUS is the chief Law Enforcement Officer and the Commander in Chief. His chief responsibility is to keep the USA safe.

These videos explain how our Republic was suppose to work. Unfortunately, the Constitution was left behind by the Left/NeoCons years ago.

Shane Krauser and the Importance of the Constitution

This is Shane Krauser highlighting the important points of the U.S. Constitution. He uses high energy to make his point: "The Constitution is not the problem, it is the Solution!"

This playlist is four videos, about 15 min each. Have fun! He is!

Oh, try to ignore the bad jokes in the first three minutes. I am sure he meant no harm to birds, :-)

America’s Best Days Are Ahead!

Shane Krauser explains the Constitution

This is an incredible interview with constitutional attorney and educator KrisAnne Hall. Watch more great Liberty content at http://www.libertyone.tv

Beyond the Sound Bite: KrisAnne Hall

Constitutional Education - The High Points Show Print View!



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