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Our government is just a fašade to cover up the Collaborative governance
that is really controlling us. SPEAK OUT to remain free, or be quietly enslaved.



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We have all heard the quote "It takes an educated and moral population to govern itself." And THEY have Instituted Central Education to do just the opposite. Centralized Education (Common Core) is a tool to indoctrinate people with the party line. Common Core re-writes our History. And of course Rewriting History is a way of controlling our minds.

THEY don't want us to know about our Constitution. Did you know that law students do not study the Constitution. That's right, even a constitutional lawyer, like say Obama, has never studied the Constitution. In law school they are taught case law, in other words previous interpretations of laws. Layers never have a lick of education directly of the Constitution. The federal government follows a new 3000 page Constitution, not the Constitution as written in 1787. This is allowed to happen and continues to happen because of our ignorance.

And understand that, our founders did not intend the federal government to have any control over the individual. This picture shows how the federal government's powers were to stop at the state level.

Constitutional Matters Show Print View!



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