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FEMA Camps Most Important - Spread the Into!

By Dave Hodges on Mar 31, 2018 08:10 am

Bill Ayers and President Obama

I have documented on The Common Sense Show how Bill Ayers, convicted felon of the Weathermen Underground, a subversive communist group that was trying to install a radical communist government in this country, actually funded and supported the Obama political career in its early days. This was something, as I have also covered, that former Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, discovered in his Obama birth certificate revelation.

The frightening thing about Ayers is what he told the late former FBI Special Informant Larry Grathwohl, as he had penetrated the Weathermen as undercover FBI agent in which Ayers was asked what he would do if and when his people were able to overthrow the government. He said, we will have “to put 50 million Americans into re-education camps and do away with, meaning murder, 25 million. Ayers visited the White House several times during the Obama administration. Ayers is still active as I am breaking down a C-Span show Ayers was on regarding American education. All of this is available on The Common Sense Show’s search engine.

The CALEXIT Revolution

Paul Preston and myself, for the past 18 months have done numerous interviews and articles on the CALEXIT movement, led by Soros, the Chinese government, the United Nation, Gov. Jerry Brown, the drug cartels including MS-13 and former members of the Obama administration (eg Calexit pokesperson Eric Holder, former and disgraced former Attorney General under Obama).

This movement has led to the Santuary State status, defiance of federal immigration laws, obstrution of justice and this has all been covered by Preston and myself. This is the epicenter of the coming Civil War. As I write these words, Trump is condering imposing soft martial law in California.

The Revelation of my FBI Contact

Going full circle back to the beginning of this article, I referenced my primary FBI contact. This is what was told to me.

  • • The Deep State is progressing as if they are going to regain control of the government from Trump and the loyalists to the Republican party.
  • • An outright coup against Trump will not likely be successful.
  • • They way to takeover the government is start World War III. And the Deep State and their minions in every agency of the government are doing their best to instigate war against the Russians and the Chinese.
  • • When conflict breaks out, the coup will begin under the guise of installing a loyalist government with American interests involved. Of course this will be the Deep State.
  • • FEMA camps will become fully operational and under the NDAA, dissidents like you and me will be rushed off the detention camps. In a time of war, how many will really question anything? What did WW II America do when the Japanese American citizens were incarcerated for their race? NOTHING! And that is what the Deep State is counting on. This is the fulfillment of the Bill Ayers dream.
  • • I was admonished by this contact to reopen the subject of FEMA camps and their immediate role in America’s future.

Please read the entire article - The Deep State’s Simultaneous Plan to Start WW III and Activate FEMA Camps




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