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He who controls the past controls the future. He who
controls the present controls the past. What haven't THEY lied about?



Overtaking Nations

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This is a list of the most relevant David Hodges articles.


Who Do Dictators Murder First?

In fact, when it comes to concentration camps, who can forget when Hillary tipped her hand when she stated that Americans needed to be sent to fun camps which were re-education camps.

Trump and Putin are in grave danger from this point on if they dare to align. Have you figured out why the “Russian collusion delusion” was put into play with Mueller as the Special Prosecutor? This was designed to keep Russia and America apart. Therefore, not only does Trump face a possible assassination, he also faces being impeached for aligning with the Russians.

Thanks to - Why Putin and Trump Will Align Against the NWO

Why Troops to the Border?

POTUS does NOT fear 1500 immigrants crossing the border.

And the president is willing to cancel NAFTA and DACA over this that absolutely could be not farther from the truth.

It's because Obama's UN agreement, that will allow the UN on their own say-so to come into a country to quote restore order during times of civil unrest.

The Real Reason Why Trump Ordered the Military to the Border

Robert David Steele, formerly an officer of the CIA tells the audience how to save America. He discusses the fact that Trump has the opportunity to be a great president or, as I see it, he could be litle more than a compromised president. However, Trump is failing to achieve his mandate and Steele has excellent suggestions on how Trump could do just that and at the same time his actions could save America. Among his suggestions include having half of Congress should consist of veterans and not dual citizens. Accordig to Steele, every war we have ever done is a war for the benefit of the bankers. Steele maintains that Trump wants to change that. Given the fact that Trump is close to peace with North Korea and that Putin and Trump are now talking about a summit, it is a point that is well-taken. In the interview, Steele does an excellent job distinguishing between Jewish interests and Zionist interests and they are not the same thing. Thi sis a marvelous interview in which the listener is provided with a unique opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of a decorated CIA clandestine officer.

DH Archives 6/3/18 (Hour 2)

DH Archives 6/3/18 (Hour 3)




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