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So I have to ask - Are we past the point of no return?.



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How They Did It Most Important - Spread the Into!

Did what you ask? Answer; Take the United States of American down. We the People are hanging on by a thread. Most are clueless!

"THEIR" Socialist policies are promoted by big business, the Main Stream News, international finance, many politicians and socialists who have infiltrated our political process. They all want the same result: a world "They" control. Their world is one in which each of us is expected, not only to conform, but to underwrite and support "Their" agenda, with our labor and our wealth.

Let us consider any of the massive problems we face today - whether it's crime, drugs, abortion, welfare, corruption, budget deficits, our declining standard of living or loss of jobs. Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals are all equally responsible. Their rhetoric may change with administrations, but not their policies. Almost all of the candidates who run for office are predetermined by those forces who own and control the news media. Therefore, they cannot lose- no matter who wins! A great example of this is the fact that the media will not tell you about The 35 Known Jihadi Camps In America So Why is the corporate media actively covering up radical Islamic terrorism and pretending it doesn’t exist?

"They" are controlling our demise by rewriting history, changing our languages, declaring Moral Equivalences, encouraging us to be moral degenerates, instilling fear in us with False Flags, disrupting our communications, dumbing us down by drugging us, our childhoods are lost, by programming us with a Politically Correct education, Common Core Education, bombarding us daily with news which is nothing more than the big government propaganda, and using Fear and "Their" Religion! In Fact, Not Talking About Politics, Science and Religion, only Indicates that "They" Have Sufficiently Programmed You. (But, don't be rude!)

And, we are vulnerable because we are at a low point in our cycle of cognition (Ages). (Luckily, we are moving to a new age; we will see paradigm shifts.) And evolution is a lie. So who are we? Maybe, a species with amnesia? "They" tell us we are the most advanced species ever, but we demonstrate very little understanding or respect for our bodies or the world we inhabit.

With the knowledge triumphed by this website; we can reprogram ourselves (We can Choose Love) and avoid being subjects. Our so called civilization is nothing more than the same old economic cycles taken to another level of deception and fascism. We can change things by Choosing Love.

How they did it!

Obviously, it's a topic too big to be caught on one page. So pick out what you want to learn about in the left-hand column and click on it. Thanks and have fun

How They Did It Most Important - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC.!



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