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Overtaking a Country Most Important - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. !

President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union address on January 30, 2018 highlighted his administration’s accomplishments during his first year in office, but it also revealed something else, that the Democrat Party is actually the Communist Party.

Trump announced that his administration has “created 2.4 million new jobs, unemployment claims have hit a 45-year low, and African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded.” How did the Democrat elected politicians react to this good news? They sat. They refused to applaud. They do not care about good news for America or for the American individual.

Read more here: There Can Be No Doubt, Democrats Are Communists.

It's All Around You; Communism

At what point can't you ignore it? They even entered their communist goals into the Congressional record of 1963. Somehow 50% of America is not aware of this or does not want to be aware of Communism. 1963 Congressional Record: ‘Communist Goals’ Include Promoting of Homosexuality as ‘Natural, Healthy’. And more!


As long as free men are the prevailing majority in the earth there is a very good chance of breaking this cycle. To do so, however, free men must achieve an intelligent and dynamic solidarity at least as strong as the illusory but firmly fixed purposes of Homo-Marxian. this from the book: Naked Communist

I think those that dismiss leftest actions as just ignorance of the part of those doing it are suspect. Example 1, Bush invading Iraq. That was not ignorance. That was planned years in advance. Example 2, Libya is now an ISIS controlled state. Again no accident. This was mostly Hillary. Example 3, A graduated Income Tax system in the USA. Again not by accident. That is just three examples. The Communist Manifesto of 1848 as many such goals. All of them are fulfilled. We need to recognize our peril. We definitely have some learning to do. Do you understand our Constitution? Do you understand the difference between our Constitution and a democracy?

A Living Constitution? Is it? Could be, since 1913. that is when Democracy, which is a stepping stone to Communism, got it's grasp in America. The 17th Amendment facilitated the Living Constitution. Once Democracy was in place and the Rule of Law was set aside, the Left/Communists/NeoCons were free to do as they pleased.

At this point you should read and listen to the How THEY Did It page in the left meun of this website.

Another telltale, people that use the word democracy are suspect, as democracy is a stepping stone to communism as will be shown in the next few paragraphs and videos. Also, THEY are using Democracy as a smoke screen to hide what THEY are really doing. And those people that call our Elite/Establish/NeoCons stupid are suspect. The Left/Elite/Establish/NeoCons are communists, although they like to be called progressive.

Note: A closed fist with the arm out is a Communist Salute. Learn it. Many of your leaders are using it.

And be aware that the communist agenda (Communist Manifesto) outlined for America hundreds of years ago has come to fruition. Most everything you hear on out so-called media is there because the communists in this country wanted there. We have been invaded. The Second Amendment is not covered in the manifesto. Our 2nd Amendment rights are gone because of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. (see state dept. pub. 7277). The second is gone. Just is not been enforced. And THEY are working feverishly at getting our guns via All the False Flags. And THEY need to control healthcare to control us. Health care control is one of the Saul Alinsky tenants. It is the data collection THEY need.

You'd have to call how the communists moved in on the USA the Ultimate Trojan Horse!

The Changing Economy and the Federal Reserve

America is following the path that the Communist Manifesto planned out when it comes to Socialism! If you haven't read the Communist Manifesto watch JBS CEO Art Thompson discuss how that document outlines a way to achieve a democracy instead of what our country is, a Republic. Using democracy to create a ruling class instead of a majority, the manifesto outlines ten measures for accomplishing the overthrow of the existing government.

The Changing Economy and the Federal Reserve

Democracy is just a Stepping Stone to Communism!.

So the way I see it; is communism is the United States greatest concern, Unless you are one of them that supports it. Remember our education, me included, taught us the communist agenda behind the façade of reading writing and arithmetic.

Why is establishing Democracy so important in establishing communism?

  • 1. It conditions people for what THEY are going to do, Since we have been taught via our every education that democracy is a good idea. Good for the people. Thus THEY can sell us democracy very easily, but in fact it is not in the best interest of people. It is ruled by majority/rulers law. Not Rule of Law, which protects the minorities.

  • 2. It puts the structure of government together that is needed to run a dictatorship.
  • 3. Under Democracy government self perpetuates towards the left's goal of communism. The New World Order (NWO) uses these methods to set up Dictatorships all over the world. The United States has set up Democracies in countries they supposedly liberated. Not Republics. One glaring example; Iraq.
  • 4. The simple answer is Democracy's location on the Political Spectrum.

Methods being Employed to Ensure Democracy not Republic

  • • 1. Our education and the FAKE NEWS (from the mainstream media) are communist indoctrination. And the indoctrination has "snowballed" until it has become what most think is consensus. See Deceptions.
  • • 2. Subvert the Rule of Law in the Country. Our Constitution has not been in effect since at least 1933. And Nationalize the local Policemen. The video is titled: What's Happening to Our Police?
  • • 3. The 17th Amendment, trying to Abolish the electoral system, and other voting issues. This is just one of the laws or amendments from the Progressive Era.
  • • 4. The media has a definite communist agenda of destroying the family, etc. Culture Marxism.. They destroyed the culture to usher in their socialism/communism.
  • • 5. Infiltration of our government by communist/Sharia Law. Sharia Law (the legal framework within Islam) is not our Law. Sharia is not compatible with our Laws and is being used to overthrow our Government.

  • • 6. Via the Muslim takeover of the world. Vidio: Demographic Problem Muslim Expansion
  • • 7. The United Nations with Agenda 21 and other programs. This is the fires in California, Canada, etc. Yes, someone is depopulating areas for Sustainability.
  • • 8. NATO
  • • 9. The So-Called Green Movement/Climate Change/Global Warming. This is best explained in the It's Easy Being Green. In this DVD the first 15mins explains that the Climate Change Science was invented to support the So-Called Green Movement.
  • • 10. Diversity in our education system.
  • • 11. And of course Racism.

All these upset the apple kart. And sports (NFL, NBA, NASCAR, etc.) give us something to talk about while THEY very slowly push a new regime upon us. Also see the Saul Alinsky Rules.

Communism in America Speech given by Arthur R. Thompson October 20, 2012.

Communism in America, Now

Freedom’s Cry

More reading: Imperial Brain Trust -- The Council on Foreign Relations and United States Foreign Policy

Watch more: The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline | James Perloff

Overtaking a Country Most Important - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC.!



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