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Pineal Gland Now Deep State story most Important!

The all seeing Eye is your Pineal Gland. THEY kill the Pineal Gland with fluoride and other unnatural dietary ingredients. With a clear Pineal Gland you would be "Awake and Aware" and be aware of the "Universal Consciousness". Fluoride is not good for you in any dose.

Maybe this should be under the Mind Control topic.

Pineal Gland is Special

This is how we are suppose to interface with our environment.

Memories are accumulated, the human body deteriorates because it must use more and more energy to maintain these recollections inside the brain. "As we get older, energy we used to use to run our body and to be healthy, is now being used to store data." The body realizes at an early age that this mortal paradox is at work and it enters a "survival state" and turns control over to the hypothalamus gland inside the brain rather than the pineal gland. So, returning control back to the pineal gland will put a person on the path to enlightenment and, subsequently, immortality.

The Western Medical understanding of Pineal Gland

Western Medical understanding of Pineal Gland

The Real Purpose of the Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland is our third eye. It gives us some paranormal abilities. Watch David Wilcock starting at 31:15 for the discussion or watch this video.

David Wilcock - Source Field Investigations The Pineal Gland

And Your Health

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland, The Science of The Pineal Gland and Third Eye Activation

Pineal Gland Now Deep State story most Important!



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