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Waking Up Now Deep State story most Important!

This is something that does not happen all at once. It happens in steps. Just like learning anything; you learn the simple part and then grow from there. It will take you years of spiritual growth. You have to walk before you can run!

You have to acknowledge the gift of being. You are not alone!

And by definition; We will not all see the same "Awake and Aware". All of us have been down different roads and have different levels of understanding. For the most part you may consider yourself "Awake and Aware" if you have figured out that the Consensus Reality/Teacher College knowledge around you is not real.


And so it is with truth and the human heart and mind. Our experiences coupled with our level of understanding are what either prevents truth from being understood and received, or grants it. To put it on a current events level:

If my friend has only really listened to mainstream media, believes CNN to be factual and honest, and has an exemplar of patriotism that prevents contradictions or doubts from surfacing and being honestly evaluated, my assertions that circumstantial evidence exists of child trafficking rings implicating the political elite will be scorned. There is no other way for that heart or mind to process my assertions.

Itís a waste of time for a truth seeker to do anything more than present information to someone looking for answers. If the answers donít come in the format theyíre expecting or looking for, they reject the data. Move on. Donít waste your time with answer gatherers. There are people seeking truth that will evaluate your information on a deeper level. Youíre not responsible for othersí processing. Youíre responsible and accountable to your knowledge of the truth.

If my friend is merely an answer gatherer, if his real interest is in collecting data to reinforce his current way of thinking, I merely drop the information and go. Anything more is fruitless. But if my friend is a truth seeker, the information I drop becomes seeds. If he doesnít have a grid for understanding yet, the seeds will lie dormant until he does. When he does, the seeds will sprout. Either way, I drop truths as the occasions call. Truth seekers seek out truth. Answer gatherers build dossiers.

The principles of society and culture are adversaries of truth. Our society is structured to present paradigms and status quos in a methodical procedure that necessitates adherence. To look outside the prototype is discouraged and can actually be dangerous if it rocks the boat too much.

How did the disciples finally become enlightened enough to receive the truth? (This is our key, because like it or not, if weíve been raised in this world and its systems, our revelation of truth is skewed at best, nonexistent at worst.) Christ Himself answered this right after He told them He couldnít tell them anything else because they couldnít handle it.

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A song by LaVoy's daughters!

Beautiful Song by Lavoy Finicum's Daughter's

Waking Up Now Deep State story most Important!



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