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This is a Study of how and why America lost her way; the Civics and History.



Overtaking Nations






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Your Sovereignty Now Deep State story most Important!

A sovereign is one who has authority to rule and who should have the power to exert that rule, and to keep it. A lot of folks want me to add "Over one's self" here. That is true, but I like the statement as is; a much broader meaning.

In America, the People have that basic governmental authority, because our founders understood it is one’s natural right to rule oneself, and naturally our responsibility to sparingly invest some of our powers in concert. We invest some of our sovereignty in state governments. States in turn invest some of their authority and power in national government.

The Declaration of Independence is the foundational charter for the United States of America and upon that foundation our federal Constitution is based. Both documents describe these three entities: the people, the states, and the nation.

That array of sovereignty, from its core of personal sovereignty, to states, and to the nation is done not to diminish the power of acting upon our own authority, but to protect it, according to principles that our founders called natural rights and natural law. Authority and power only flow in that direction, from the core outward, not from national government, to state government, to the person.

And originally, by the natural law to which our Declaration refers, our sovereignty is given to each of us by God and not by each other.

So, sovereignty comes from God, who invests it in each person, who in America, invests it in his state and in turn, to our nation. Our governments’ duties are all to be fulfilled to protect and not to disrupt that alignment and that flow of our sovereignty. Accordingly, government exists to guard that authority and power, not making it available to other powers, but preventing any and every such usurpation.

This thanks to the Sovereignty Campaign.

Note: God in this context is a generic God and not tied to an particular religion.

Remember, If the government has the power to give you special rights, i.e. gay rights, the government has the power to take those rights away. Per the US Constitution, the government is supposed be protecting your Natural Rights. But, the Left has left the Constitution behind long ago and are now acting as GOD/Natural Rights.

The following video discusses how freedom (Sovereignty) and responsibility are interrelated. If you don't take responsibility you will lose your freedom.

It also gets into a discussion of the political cycle, although she doesn't use that term. She has us moving from. Representative government through to communism without mentioning democracy. Democracy was implemented in this country by the 17th amendment and other small events. As you will see in other portions of this website, democracy is a stepping stone to communism and a smoke screen to hide what THEY are really doing. In later lessons of this "Constitution in the Classroom" training she does bring these points out.

United States Civics 101 Responsibility brings Freedom

And "Constitution in the Classroom" is looking for teachers in all the states. Don't be shy, get involved.

Your Sovereignty Now Deep State story most Important!



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