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The word Democracy gives you a warm fuzzy feeling that everything is all right.
You couldn't be more wrong! It is the steppingstone to communism! Oh No, It is HERE!



Overtaking Nations

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I'm warning of an outcome of the current news. The deep state has been Identified.

History does Repeat?

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For years you've asked what is wrong with my Government. Factories have closed, goods have become scarce, jobs disappeared, and your lives are becoming more difficult as the life force of your world is draining away. You have asked that question without expecting an answer. Well, I'm here to answer it.

I will tell you the truth about the crisis in your world. Have you noticed thateverything around you seems to be declining. One thing still grows, it is the power of your rulers. None of their plans and directives have solved your problems or made your life better. The only result has been their increased control over you at the cost of your freedom.

Do you know why? -You gave them the power.They called for your sacrifice. And you thought it was Noble. They said if you worked for yourself and your family that you were selfish and uncaring. And they denounced the leaders of industry as greedy exploiters.And they made you feel ashamed. You should not be made to feel guilty about your success!

Most understand that this attempt to control your work is an attempt to control your life and mind.

Hard work deserves honor. You should not be punished for your virtues.I am making it my mission to help my fellow man to say no to socialism! Our Government needs to get out of our way so "We the People" can Thrive!

You now have a choice to make. If you decide to support the notion of sacrifice enforced by the state your game is up your world is in a downward spiral and you will write it down to destruction.

But if you share the values of human nature. If you believe that your life is a sacred possession of yours to make the most of.If you want to live by the judgment of your own mind, not edicts from the state, then follow your heart.

Bottom line here is; "you have to decide"! What do you stand for?

Inspired by Ayn Rand and the Atlas shrugged movies.

Exactly, Where are THEY Taking US

The showdown is coming between the BRICS who would dare to buy oil with gold and the Western central bankers who demands that the world use federal reserve notes to buy oil.There will be fighting in Iran and Venezuela. The main conflict will center in Venezuela. That is why they are trying to get Trope into war in Iran now, i.e. so we don't have enough troops to defend ourselves on this side of the Atlantic. Credit to Dave Hodges.

#Antifa - I just now put this together. I must be a slow learner. "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." - Barack Obama.And then #Antifa happened.

And remember, every war is a banker's war. Always has been - always will be.

If you're not concerned, you're not paying attention. Recovering our nation, the USA, is not going to be easy because the corruption is so massive that voting no longer matters. The DeepState/NWO has moved in and we have gone past the point of no return. We have to come together and quit cooperating. Not only quit cooperating, but we need to get involved . The deep state is relying on "We The People" not getting involved. If "We The People" Don't Stand Up Now, Evil Wins, War Is Inevitable

Ladies and Gentlemen of every color of every race of every income bracket of every sexuality, You are being played by the string section to fall into conflict with each other, to get the target population to control itself, on behalf of a tiny few Psychopaths. We need to put down black and white. We need to see the shades of grey. We need to see that we're being played off against each other. And to stop allowing it to happen. Stop judging people by their race, whatever it may be. Or by their culture.

Although, the DeepState is only a house of cards. We the people are actually supporting our own demise. When we quit cooperating, it all comes tumbling down! David Icke says it better here in these video

David Icke Captures Current Affairs and Reality

The left among us (Trojan Horse style) has been trying to derail our Republic practically from the beginning. And "We the People" did not take IKE's warning seriously.IKE should not have been warning us!!!! He knew then that the Government was not under his reign. The CIA and State Department had already been manned with the German personnel, Operation Paperclip - 1947.

Although, most think this once Great Nationwas taken over by a cabal in 1913. Maybe before that. You would not know this listening to the mainstream media. They have been in on it. And just why would I be the only one to know this? I'm not! Awake and Aware persons are shunned by Consensus Reality people. So they stay quiet. You would know too, if you did nothing but research the news for the TRUTH of the past hundred years for the past ten years.

And Cognitive Dissonance rules the day in America! 99.9% of the people will not change their mind about anything. I mean anything! Generally, people believe the first thing they hear about a subject. It doesn't matter what facts are put before them! Their programming is absolute! This is especially true of the people that watch TV.

The Solution

Although, Humanity is awakening. The first step in solving a "Problem" is understanding there is a problem. And we're starting to understand the problem. So what is the solution?

The Best Solution

The solution is individuals thriving. A thriving individual does well for himself and the community. We call it capitalism. Capitalism best works in a Republic form of government.

Of course for the system to work the government must ensure equal opportunity. So, in capitalism the individual has the incentives to work.

Oh, but wait. Capitalism - that word has been misused over the years.People think Capitalism is in the U.S.A. The USA's Capitalism of today is not really Capitalism. Capitalism does not have a central bank. Capitalism does not have taxes. It doesn't have regulations.Capitalism just means voluntary free transactions.

The diagram to the right only generally represents how human incentives and government regulations affect productivity; more and more regulation leads to less and less production. You are punished for doing well. The more you do, the more is expected of you.

So considering the diagram, there is no such thing as capitalism, or socialism or communism. There are only degrees of each. Although, there is pure capitalism. It would exist in a Anarchy. Any amount of central planning/regulation means you have something other than pure capitalism or some degree of capitalism/socialism/communism.

What made America great and set it apart from other lands? Was it natural resources? No other lands are equally blessed. Was it the people. No the people who built America came from elsewhere. Was it government planning and wisdom that spurred our nation to such heights? No again. It wasn't what governmentsdid NOT do that made America great. It was what government was prevented from doing that made the difference. What set America apart from other lands was freedom for the individual freedom to work to produce to succeed. And especially to keep the fruits of one's labor America became great precisely because the stifling effect of too much government had been prevented. However, freedom in America was not totally unrestrained. Americans overwhelmingly chose to limit their actions with moral codes, such as the Ten Commandments, personal morality, and limited government. This combination made Americathe envy of the world.

The Alternative Solution

The alternative is socialism where the individual is forced to work for others. There's a slight problem with that, most people expect; the other person to work for them or an equal reward.Socialism does not work because it is not consistent with fundamental principles of human behavior.By failing to emphasize incentives, socialism is a theory inconsistent with human nature (Human nature; generally involves self-preservation)and is therefore doomed to fail. So socialism does not work.

I had a young lady point out to me that socialism could work. To overcome the inherent problems in socialism, people would have to be perfect. (or should that be redefined as perfectly stupid?) I had to agree. If people were perfect socialism would work. Unfortunately, people are not perfect. People need incentives to do well. So, bottom line, socialism doesn't work.

And for those of you that think socialism is a good idea. Yes, it works every time - to destroy whatever organization is silly enough to employ it. It destroys countries, economies and even churches. In short, that's why THEY are trying to get socialism implemented. THEY (with your support) want to destroy your country and it is working. Yes, cognitive dissonance rules the day in America! Or is it just plain STUPIDITY?

And there is this fact - socialism is used to impose tyrannical governments. There is a "rope and ladder" analogy. In the analogy a ladder is used to climb to the top. Yes, the ladder could break. Also in the analogy, a rope is thrown down for you you are told: Just hang on. We will pull you to the top. Problem is they never do. Of course, the left is controlling the rope.

This link expounds upon the last two paragraphs. Is Cultural Marxism America's New Mainline Ideology? or A Quick History of Humanity and Income Distribution

Socialism Will Destroy America

Most do not stand up for themselves and for the productive achievements that they earned. Thereby, indirectly they give moral sanction to those who claimed the right to take their wealth and redistribute it. Understand clearly that all work for their own benefit. And recognize the good of others is not a good justification for your existence. This is the heart of Rand's message in Atlas shrugged. Individuals are ends in themselves with the right to pursue their own lives, their own happiness and their own well-being. Sacrificing those values to some collective good is not a noble idea. It's the road to hell. Stand up for what is right.

These Atlas Shrugged movie clips expound on the above paragraph.

Atlas Shrugged Part III movie clips

Pareto Distribution

This is a phenomenon that occurs in life. It is not a natural law but more times than not this is what happens. Over time you will have a winner. It does not matter the domain. Bad joke here"You can never get too much winning" as president Trump says. Anyway, like playing Monopoly; somebody, just a single person or very small segment of the population will win.

Read more about it here: Understanding the Pareto Principle.

What does this mean to you folks worried about equality? Quit worrying about. It is not going to happen. But like monopoly, you can always start a new game. Well maybe not.

The Outcome so Far

At present time, 2019, we have a mixture of socialism and capitalism, mostly socialism. President Trump removed many of the socialist regulations. His action spurredour economy forward. Although, I am not sure Trump is with us or the DeepState/NWO. And the DeepState/NWOhas moved in, especially concerning foreign affairs.

We have gone past the point of no return. We have to come together and quit cooperating with those that are imposing their will on us.

We are in a tough spot. Although, We the People still have the Power and the Responsibility to Restore and Maintain our Freedom!

So what WAS the "Philosophy of our U.S. Government" while our Constitution was still applicable.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

And so then the "Purpose of U.S. Government" was to secure our God/Nature given rights.

More on Rights

The Bundy's knew what the problem was; well still is. The problem is because of how the BLM and other alphabet agencies were formed, there is no oversight over them. The BLM [Who is the Bureau of Land Management?] and other alphabet agencies are free to do whatever they want irregardless of any input by We The People or any other Govt official or agency. The BLM was infringing on their rights: property rights etc. And this episode by the BLM is just a corner of our government trying to control everything.

What that paragraph is talking about is your RIGHTS. All of your rights, like this video points out; A Right is not a Right until You have claimed it. Used it. And defended it. It's like standing in line: claim your spot, stand there, and defend the spot.

Note: The gay issue was resolved by law. Well the other issues Ammon mentions where resolved by amendments to the Constitution. Amendments are very hard to make or be taken away. Well law can change in a matter of days.

Liberty and Freedom

Liberty is Freedom with Responsibility. Example, they took Liberties they should not have. Thus, they used their Freedom irresponsibly. Or should we say Liberty has a moral component. But this is a better explanation. What is the opposite of liberty? Well that be tyranny. So we have a liberty versus tyranny!

A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.

by Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren,
February 12,1779

Liberty is what made the USA great.The Left and the Neo-Cons have been trying to bust our bubble for over 50 years. With the election of Trump, we will be moving towards a Republic again????? I doubt it, because Trump says "America Will Never Be A Socialist Country - But It is NOW and has been for decades. A Republic is a state in which supreme Authority is held by the people. Not like the BLM prosecuted the Bundys.

We are Responsible

We need to be fully in touch with reality as it exists and run our lives based on that, rather than conceding to fear, preconceptions, and the expectations of others. The latter things are driven into us as children and very very few people manage to overcome them. But "We the People" are Responsible. We have to Wake UP!

This Means We are Responsible for our Demise

THEY, the word in this context, has a double meaning. They, at the highest level, are the people running the world. They, at the lower levels, are the people facilitating the world. The latter have no idea They are facilitating someone else's agenda. THEY are you. "We the People" are bringing about our own negative demise!

THEY (at the highest level) taught us that we evolved and we die.

No! No! No! Our souls/spirits are eternal. We are here having a human experience. This deception and Their Banking system enables them to control us. But we are waking up!

Our education is indoctrination, not how to think.Thus many people like the communist ideas, but don't know the ideas are communist ideas. Or for that matter, that Communism is a destructive economic system. And THEYrealize that today's #Education is tomorrow's #Legislation. THEY are in control.

More on Economics, Education and Government

And if you think that video was disgusting, watch this. This video shows how the Communist Party operated all around the world. The video was published in 1966. Although they failed in America with dividing and conquering us using black people against white they are still hard at it today, that is, trying to bring about a Communist revolution; even in the USA.

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