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The word Democracy gives you a warm fuzzy feeling that everything is all right.
You couldn't be more wrong! It is the steppingstone to communism! Oh No, It is HERE!



Overtaking Nations

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Basic Political Spectrum

First a couple of facts about Political Spectrum

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The picture to the right depicts the limits of the Power to govern.

Note: liberal and conservative have nothing to do with it.

Rulers law is where the so-called ruler/dictator is in control of everything, including individuals. No law means every individual fence for himself for survival, including shelter, food and protection. click on the picture to make it bigger.

In the United States the powers of the government are outlined here: The Way Power is Supposed to Flow in America. This outline is per the US Constitution.

What Your Teacher Taught You:

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The above picture is the Generic Political Spectrum indoctrinated/taught to us by the media and our Educations. It has Communism on one end and Nazism (Fascism) on the other end. Both ultimately are big government. In one case the Government persuades the companies to enforce Government. While in the other case, Government uses force to enforce Government. What I'm saying is: both ends of this chart are the same. They are both RULE1. Dictatorships! Not Rule of Law! You were duped.

Thus, Democrat, Moderate, and Republican all fall to the left of the Constitution.

The chart is a deception. It is all propaganda to control you!

The tale of Left vs. Right

The tale of Left vs. Right is what THEY used to divide and conquer us. As you can see in this picture (the so called Generic Political Spectrum), THEY have distorted reality. What this drawing shows as extremes is in fact the same point on the "Basic Political Spectrum" shown below! YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED!

A note especially for you anti Fascism protesters: this all means fascism and communism are the same point on the true political spectrum. That sort of renders the protests you are doing on now, 2017, ridiculous. Either participants of these protests don-t understand what they are protesting or they don-t care because they are getting a paycheck!

They don't care if we protest and walk through the streets and shout slogans and wave banners. In fact, They will pay folks to do it! They care if we come together irrespective of color, creed, gender, sexuality, any of it. So let's put our differences aside and unite behind what affects us all and all our families.

Now the Reality of Politics

The Terms

What is the difference between the first three and the last two?

Answer: The first three are Dictatorships.

  • Monarchy = dictatorship by one person. However, it usually functions as an oligarchy,
  • Oligarchy = dictatorship by a minority or by a few.
  • Democracy = dictatorship by a majority, also known as the Logical Fallacy of Appeal to the People. In other words, THEY are using Democracy as a smoke screen to hide what THEY are really doing.

while the last two are government by the people.

  • Republic = rule by law, with government limited by that law; definitely not dictatorship as long as the law is not perverted.
  • Anarchy = rule by none; not a dictatorship. Not necessarily chaotic.

Anarchy Self Organizes

Economic terms that are often confused with political terms.

  • Capitalism - People think the U.S.A. is Capitalism. The USA's Capitalism of today is not really Capitalism. Capitalism does not have a central bank. Capitalism does not have taxes. It doesn't have regulations. Capitalism just means voluntary free transactions. What the USA has is crony Capitalism, which isn't much different from socialism
  • Socialism - Is a voluntary system of distributing the wealth and sometimes includes central planning too.
  • Communism - A system of disputing the wealth and includes central planning.
  • Fascism - Is socialism with a capitalist veneer. The word derives from fasces, the Roman symbol of collectivism and power: a tied bundle ...

Note: these systems sort of blend together; do not have finally defined boundaries. The diagram to the right only generally represents how human incentives and government regulations affect productivity; more and more regulation leads to less and less production. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

The Implemented/Real Basic Political Spectrum

So, the real Basic Political Spectrum would be from 100% rule of a dictatorship(Total Govt) to 0% like that of Anarchy(NO Govt). What is in between you ask? Everything. Establishment government (both GOP And Dems)are both to the left of the center point, a Republic, like the US Constitution, is a good compromise between the extremes(end points of this chart).

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As you can see, we are getting dangerously close to being a Dictatorship. This country has been using force to redistribute wealth for generations.

Our Republic is a representative government strictly constrained by Laws specifically designed to afford "We the Sovereign People" CONTROL over a LIMITED government required under the Law, to PROTECT the RIGHTS of the INDIVIDUAL! This form of protection extends to, "..... guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;" - U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.

Most of the time, those who proclaim LIBERTY and remind us of Truth, are falsely labeled Right Wing and/or Fascist. And those who call us to rescue our "Freedom to EXERCISE God-given Liberty" - as guaranteed by the original intent of our Constitution - are advocates for revival and restoration of our REPUBLICAN Form of Governance from the perverted Monstrosity - Welfare Statism/Fabian Socialism " headed toward Marxism. Which is being imposed by elected officials, bureaucrats, and their Private Sector Fellow-Travelers2., all of whom mock and demonize "We the Sovereign People!"

Ultimately, The subversives of our Government call their changeling, "Democracy", to fool the populace. If the people are duped to believe they are running the Nation, the oligarchs can readily manipulate them with "bread and circuses". In America's Reality, the subverters still pretend to work within our Republican "FORM," while they increasingly impose tyrannical changes. Effectively, fundamentally transforming America into a COLLECTIVIST state!

The leaders know that real "Democracy" can only be practiced in a very small community, so they are not worried about the masses catching-on and spoiling their plans. They simply follow the dictates of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels' 1848 Communist Manifesto, calling for the spread of democracy to win support from the masses.

The Order of the Illuminati (now called the CRF), under the name, "League of Just Men", began to pursue Marx, Engels and their Communist League, to join them in 1844. They did so, in 1847. Marx and Engels, in December, 1847, wrote a new manifesto presenting the latest consensus on the means to enforce Communist World Government. Completed at the turn-of-the-year, it became known as the "1848 Communist Manifesto."

Read more at Our Liberty Under God

The Eventual Outcome of Extreme Government Structures

The Dictatorship will spin like a Top until it topples over. And it will topple over since one cannot support all. While the Anarchy will moves slow and eventually be over run since there are to few people at the top of it to defend it. Some sort of happy medium must be found.

Exodus 18:1:27 outlines how God thinks government should be. Hey, that is a Republic.

And when the Dictatorship topples, Anarchy is left in it's wake. A new cycle of Political Power is started. Anarchy is not going two exist for long before someone takes over or invades.

And this country is spinning like a top! The New World order is being exposed, but not prosecuted. I knew of these crimes at least two years ago. Everybody knew of these crimes two years ago and nobody has done anything about them. This will not end well.

And for the sake of presenting all views

A debate on the concepts of "authority" vs. "anarchy", featuring author Larken Rose vs. attorney Tom Willcutts. Didn't I say something on the home page about presenting all views and you sort it out.

A Historical Debate:
Larken Rose vs. Tom Willcutts
(Anarchy vs. Authority)

  • 1. RULE - exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people).

  • 2. Travelers are members of the Communist Party



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