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Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation

This is the topic I am most interested in. This is where most folks put ghosts, shadow people, and many unexplained spirits. But, I put the unexplained senses as the definition of paranormal.

I have three levels of consciousness:

  • First, obviously is your present thoughts.

Free Will - Not much to say about it. I am.

Free Will can reprogram the sub-conscious.

  • Second is your sub-conscious.

Instinct - The part of your cognition that operates automatically. It is your heart and soul. It controls how you really feel and think. Although it can be overridden by your first level of consciousness.

  • Third is common consciousness.

Common consciousness is a collective energy/data field of all mankind. Its scope is universe wide.

Paranormal is not my idea, but one I like a lot. Paranormal explains why people just know things, or it just comes to them. Also, a crowd at a game will tune into each other and then be more motivated to cheer for their team and their team plays extraordinarily well. Or, have you ever had the feeling that "someone was watching you" and you turned around quickly to find someone watching you. Why can we sense what's happening to loved ones thousands of miles away? And why are we sometimes certain of a caller's identity the instant the phone rings? These are examples of what I call common-consciousness/paranormal.

This is another example: All that has ever been thought and is being thought is out there for you to know. You just have to know how to tune into it. It is called "Remote Viewing". Remote Viewing is not new. It has been around in this Age since the 1940s, when it was used by the USA military to spy on the enemy.

Common consciousness has no time parameter. The data in it lives for all time. The energy affects all persons near by. Church steeples and obelisks help project this energy/data to the surrounding community.

Another example is the U.S. Revolutionary war. Only 3% of the population cared about the Revolution, but pulled it off. It can happen again, or are the folks running the show now on to us? Stay tuned!

On Consciousness, the Universal Field, and the Veil Between the Worlds

The consciousness of each one of us is a unique, yet integral part of an infinite field of interconnected vibration. Each of us is playing a distinct and vital role in the ever-expanding exploration of all that is possible as part of this universal field of vibration in this forever unfolding moment of now. Though we may at times feel separate from all that is around us, the more we open to our connection with this mystical field of limitless possibility, the more we can embrace our infinite potential as magnificent, creative expressions of the universe.

The collective intelligence of the universe appears to have created a veil which serves to greatly limit the awareness of our individuated consciousness on incarnating into this time-space world. On passing through the veil and taking on a human body, we forget who we are. We lose awareness that on the most expanded levels we are always connected with everything around us. We forget the limitless potential that is always available both within and outside of ourselves.

Yet even though we may have forgotten our magnificence, our incarnation into this physical reality and the accompanying loss of awareness of our divine heritage serves a greater purpose. By becoming unconscious of our greater role and our interconnectedness with All That Is, we are able to explore realms which might not otherwise be accessible.

This deeper purpose can be quite difficult to comprehend while our consciousness is housed here in limited physical bodies which focus our awareness largely on only three dimensions and five senses out of the limitless possibilities available. Due to this veiling process, our thinking and experience of life on Earth tends to be consumed with the more limited realities immediately surrounding us.

Yet when we die and our consciousness is released from the body and this physical plane, we pass back to the other side of the veil where it is possible to view the Earthly lives we just lived from a highly expanded vantage point. With the veil removed, our awareness expands far beyond the confines of this time-space world and suddenly everything in the lives we just lived makes sense.

This side of the veil seems to function in such a way that the external is a reflection of the internal. There is an ever-unfolding perfect balance between the two. That said, it appears there may be a time lag between a shift in internal awareness and its reflection on the outside likely due to the linear quality of time here. The more conscious we choose to become of the mirroring of the internal and external worlds, the more easily we are able to surrender to the deeper meaning and realities of life and from that place do our part in bringing heaven down here.

Thoughts and Feelings Matter

Every thought and emotion that arises within us radiates both inward and outward as a distinct energy form. In other words, every thought and every feeling we have emanates out to the world and into ourselves as an energetic vibration. These energy forms then interact with those around us and with the entire field of collective consciousness. On some level, we are also picking up on the combined thought and feeling forms or vibrations of everyone and all that is around us. Yet we always have choice in how we respond to what enters our energetic space and awareness.

When an energetic form from outside of us enters our space, if there is no resonance with anything in our energetic field, it simply passes through us. We don't notice it and go on unchanged from the state of consciousness we were in before it passed through. When, however, there is some resonance (or resistance) in our energetic field, this form then affects us. The amount we are affected depends on the strength of the form and how much our energetic field is in resonance or in resistance to this energetic form.

Most people are constantly affected by thought and emotion forms from outside of themselves. When someone walking down the street gives us a dirty look, an energy form is created and enters our awareness. When we perceive this, if we are super busy or feeling very confident of ourselves, we might hardly notice it. Yet someone who has deep inferiority issues might take that same energy form in and interpret it as further proof that they are inferior. How we interpret and respond to the energy forms that enter our space makes all the difference in our experience of life.

The Theory - common consciousness! play the video on that page!

The latest scientific research shows that these phenomena are both real and widespread; and are the unavoidable consequence of the entangled physical reality we live in. Albert Einstein called entanglement "spooky action at a distance".

You have an Aura (Energy field) that some can see and that can be photographed. Aura is how Common-consciousness is transmitted. Our Auras are infinite, but very intense at close range. Our Auras combine, like the fields of a magnet, to create our Common-consciousness. EMF can and does interfere with our bodies, Auras, etc.

Most of the above is from knowledge I acquired from a book called "Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences In A Quantum Reality" by Dean Radin. This information is common knowledge to people who are interested in what is. Psi is a term from parapsychology derived from the Greek, ψ psi.

Common-consciousness is where I have God and Love; just tune in. Prayer works. It has been proven scientifically. A study was done in Washington DC. In fact, here is a little Prayer for our Nation.

Global Coherence Initiative - Common Consciousness

My Theory

This is simple. OK, we all know about the electron and it's electronic properties when it changes levels or moves to somewhere else. I maintain that the electron has these properties all the time. Thus we are totally en-gulped in energy all the time. The strength of this energy is very very small; not detectable by man's technologies. But the human mind can connect to this energy; we just were not taught how. "They" left that part of our education out.

OK, so that explains it all: common-consciousness/Aura/paranormal.

OH, And if you had most of your paranormal abilities; you'd be like George Melly in the movie Phenomenon (this is the full movie). :-)

The movie has a lot of paranormal phenomenon. This scene is an unbelievable dialog revealing the true western medicine understanding of our bodies. But what George tells the Doctor is what we are discussing and that is "Who WE Are"!!!!

Phenomenon - Human Spirit

The Pineal Gland is our third eye.

It gives us some paranormal abilities. Watch David Wilcock for the discussion.

We Are Infinite Consciousness Having an Experience as John Doe!



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