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The word Democracy gives you a warm fuzzy feeling that everything is all right.
You couldn't be more wrong! It is the steppingstone to communism! Oh No, It is HERE!



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Waking Up

This is something that does not happen all at once. It happens in steps. Just like learning anything; you learn the simple part and then grow from there. It will take you years of spiritual growth. You have to walk before you can run!

You have to acknowledge the gift of being. You are not alone!

And by definition; We will not all see the same "Awake and Aware". All of us have been down different roads and have different levels of understanding. For the most part you may consider yourself "Awake and Aware" if you have figured out that the Consensus Reality/Teacher College knowledge around you is not real.

Stages Of Awakening

1. ▶ Denial- In this stage you dismiss anything that goes counter to conventional wisdom as crazy talk or conspiracy theory. This is really a self defense mechanism the brain uses to protect the ego. No one likes to admit when they are wrong, much less admit when they have been fooled. So it is infinitely easier to deny a truth, rather than to embrace it. It is easier to mock, than to debate. It is easier to hide under the sheets and pretend that there is not a monster in the room. This is where most of our society is stuck right now. They believe that whatever the "authorities" tell them is the truth. They go along with the crowd in fear of being looked upon as strange or crazy.

2. ▶ Anger- When you start to see that you were fooled, you react violently for being taken for a fool and want to lash out. The Freedom Movement has a lot of this in it currently with talk of "just shooting the bastards." This action is ineffectual in bringing about positive change for the Freedom Movement. Anger is a very natural reaction and is one that you must go through rather than suppress. Finding out how the world really works is a kin to finding out your significant other has been cheating on you. You may have remained faithful to what this country was about while atrocities were committed behind your back.

3. ▶ Bargaining- After you calm down, you reach out to anyone who will listen to tell them what is really going on. This is the most annoying stage of the awakening process. (Remember you are reaching for people who are in stage 1 of Denial.) You ruin Christmas parties telling people about WTC7 or kids basketball games talking about the Federal Reserve. By reaching out and sharing, you are not really trying to awaken people, you are really looking for help. By reaching out, you are seeking guidance or structure in your search for truth. You know that there is something wrong. You know that you cannot go back to ignorance. Without clarity, you cannot go forward.

4. ▶ Depression- Now that you have reached out to everyone and nothing seems to happen, depression sinks in. You start saying "it is too big" or "what could I do about it." The worst kind of depression that permeates the Freedom Movement is the arrogant attitude of "I know it all" or "screw everyone, I don't care. This is the most painful stage and the hardest to get out of. Human happiness comes from progress and yet progress in this journey seems to suck you further into a hole. Unfortunately there is no way around this, yet it is necessary to go though it.

5. ▶ Acceptance- At the point where you now become comfortable with the oncoming reality and make active, positive steps to prepare for it. This process of making wise choices for yourself and not others, will yield massive positive personal results. These positive results will reinforce your actions and bring about more positive change in your life. People will start to notice the light in your eyes as confidence returns. They will now ask what happened to you and those that once did not want to hear the truth, will be ready to listen. This is ultimately where we need to get to both personally and as a movement.

thanks to The 5 Stages Of Awakening

A New Awakening Stage - Using Your New Knowledge to Create a Better Reality

What we call Reality is a hall of mirrors. It reflects itself back and forth and builds up a consensus.

People do the same thing. They confirm with one another that the reality they believe is real is, in fact, real.

And having established that, they live out their lives and make the best of it.

But what happens if you defect? What happens if you're not satisfied to live out the rest of your life inside the space of what everyone assumes is real?

More to the point, what happens if you're not satisfied to live out the rest of your life inside the space of what YOU assume is real?

This is where a lot of people get off the train. They assert, with great assurance, that what they have discovered is the ultimate frontier. They've broken through the illusion. They've found out who is running the show from behind the curtain.

And with those discoveries in their pocket, they will live out their lives, confident in the knowledge that they can't be fooled. They've won the prize.

Actually, peering behind the curtain and seeing what's there is step one. The journey has barely begun.

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And so it is with truth and the human heart and mind. Our experiences coupled with our level of understanding are what either prevents truth from being understood and received, or grants it. To put it on a current events level:

If my friend has only really listened to mainstream media, believes CNN to be factual and honest, and has an exemplar of patriotism that prevents contradictions or doubts from surfacing and being honestly evaluated, my assertions that circumstantial evidence exists of child trafficking rings implicating the political elite will be scorned. There is no other way for that heart or mind to process my assertions.

It's a waste of time for a truth seeker to do anything more than present information to someone looking for answers. If the answers don't come in the format they're expecting or looking for, they reject the data. Move on. Don't waste your time with answer gatherers. There are people seeking truth that will evaluate your information on a deeper level. You're not responsible for others processing. You 're responsible and accountable to your knowledge of the truth.

If my friend is merely an answer gatherer, if his real interest is in collecting data to reinforce his current way of thinking, I merely drop the information and go. Anything more is fruitless. But if my friend is a truth seeker, the information I drop becomes seeds. If he doesn 't have a grid for understanding yet, the seeds will lie dormant until he does. When he does, the seeds will sprout. Either way, I drop truths as the occasions call. Truth seekers seek out truth. Answer gatherers build dossiers.

The principles of society and culture are adversaries of truth. Our society is structured to present paradigms and status quos in a methodical procedure that necessitates adherence. To look outside the prototype is discouraged and can actually be dangerous if it rocks the boat too much.

How did the disciples finally become enlightened enough to receive the truth? (This is our key, because like it or not, if we 've been raised in this world and its systems, our revelation of truth is skewed at best, nonexistent at worst.) Christ Himself answered this right after He told them He couldn 't tell them anything else because they couldn 't handle it.

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