A Solution is the one commodity hardly anybody has. A lot of people think they have solutions to corners of our government. That would be fine tuning our communism - as explained elsewhere in the website.

I find a very slow movement to anarchy as the best solution. Check out the video below to understand why I'd say that. The guy in the video thinks that there will be a natural progression to anarchy. Personally, I think the cabal has to get out of the way for that to happen.

And here is an interesting thought - it's not really anarchy because it will self organize.

The Word Democracy

I've been telling you that democracy is the steppingstone to communism. Democracy is also a stealth imposition of tyranny. Beware of people that use the word democracy.The people using the word democracy I thought were ignorant. Contrary, they used the word because the word instills a sense of confidence that the government is actually working for them. The politicians are very smart. They know how to push our buttons.

The following video drills this point home, while also explaining levels of anarchy. It explains that no government can totally get away from having some anarchy in it.

This video also explains what law is and how a state can exist without it. I see that as a solution to our problems.

This is the video I been talking abouit.

Stephan Kinsella joins us today to discuss the concept of law without the state. Is law and order possible without a state? What would that look like? And just what is -the law,- anyway? Find out more in this fascinating conversation on law, history, philosophy and anarchy.

Law Without the State
Stephan Kinsella on The Corbett Report